fresh-lock packaging company resources
fresh-lock packaging company resources


Industry information you can use.

We want you to be as informed as possible so you get the reclosable packaging that best meets your demands. If you don’t find what you need, feel free to contact your sales representative.


Product Information

Get detailed information on individual products, from zippers and sliders to tracks and packaging equipment.

Select a product, then click to download a PDF of the information that interests you.

Fresh-Lock® Click ’N Lock™ Sensory Zipper

Fresh-Lock® Contaminant Resistant Zippers

Fresh-Lock® Ribbed Zippers

Fresh-Lock® DZ Double Zippers

Fresh-Lock® Soft Seal® Zippers

Fresh-Lock® Color Reveal® Zippers

Fresh-Lock® Thermoform Zippers

Fresh-Lock® INNO-LOK® Zippers

Fresh-Lock® String Zippers

Slide-Rite® Standard Slider

GKL0876-1 Standard Slider
GKL0877-1 Standard Slider
GKL0879-1 Standard Slider

Slide-Rite® Ergonomic Slider

GKL08107-1 Ergonomic Slider
GKL08108-1 Ergonomic Slider
GKL08109-1 Ergonomic Slider
GKL08110-1 Ergonomic Slider
GKL08111-1 Ergonomic Slider
GKL08127-1 Ergonomic Slider

Slide-Rite® “S”-Slider

GKL08166-1 "S"-Slider
GKL0881-1 "S"-Slider
GKL0882-1 "S"-Slider
GKL0884-1 "S"-Slider
GKL0885-1 "S"-Slider
GKL0886-1 "S"-Slider
GKL0883-1 "S"-Slider

Slide-Rite® Particle Plow Slider

GKL08100-1 Particle Plow Slider
GKL08101-1 Particle Plow Slider
GKL08102-1 Particle Plow Slider
GKL08142-1 Particle Plow Slider
GKL08143-1 Particle Plow Slider
GKL08144-1 Particle Plow Slider
GKL08145-1 Particle Plow Slider
GKL08147-1 Particle Plow Slider
GKL0898-1 Particle Plow Slider
GKL0899-1 Particle Plow Slider

Slide-Rite® 2-Piece Track

GKL08163-1/GKL08163-3 Two-Piece Track
GKL082-2/GKL082-3 Two-Piece Track
GKL0834-1 Two-Piece Track
GKL0835-1 Two-Piece Track

Slide-Rite® Tamper Evident Track

GKL0812-4 Tamper Evident Track
GKL08126-1 Tamper Evident Track
GKL0813-4 Tamper Evident Track
GKL08162-4 Tamper Evident Track
GKL0818-1 Tamper Evident Track
GKL08149-1 Tamper Evident Track
GKL08164-1 Tamper Evident Barrier
GKL0826-4 Tamper Evident Track
GKL0827-1 Tamper Evident Barrier
GKL0836-1 Tamper Evident Barrier
GKL0844-1 Tamper Evident Track
GKL0843-1 Tamper Evident Track
GKL0842-1 Tamper Evident Track
GKL0846-1 Tamper Evident Track
GKL0847-2 Tamper Evident Track
GKL0869-1 Tamper Evident Barrier
GKL0870-1 Tamper Evident Barrier
GKL08134-2 Tamper Evident Track

Slide-Rite® Easy Open Track

GKL08124-2 Easy Open Track
GKL08128-2 Easy Open Track
GKL08150-1 Easy Open Track
GKL08156-1 Easy Open Track
GKL08157-1 Easy Open Track
GKL0830-2 Easy Open Track
GKL089-1 Easy Open Track
GKL08159-1 Easy Open Track

Child-Guard® Track & Slider

GKL08151-1 Child Guard
GKL08152-1 Child Guard Slider
GKL08153-1 Child Guard Slider
GKL08154-1 Child Guard Slider

Slide-Rite® SR-T100

Slide-Rite® SR-202

Fresh-Lock® mini Slider

Packaging Machinery Companies

Looking for a packaging machinery company with equipment that runs Fresh-Lock® zippers and Slide-Rite® tracks & sliders? You’re in the right place. This list contains contact information to get you started.

Horizontal Form, Fill, and Seal Thermoform - OEM

ALKAR-RAPID PACK Lodi, WI 608-592-3211
MULTIVAC Kansas City, MO 816-891-0555
PRO PAC SERVICES Ringwood, NJ 816-891-0555

Horizontal Form, Fill, and Seal Pouch Machines - OEM

ACTION PKG. AUTOMATION Roosevelt, NJ 609-448-9210
BODOLAY Plant City, FL 813-754-9960
BOSSAR USA Sarasota, FL 941-351-3023
BOSSAR Barcelona, Spain 34-902-40-60-90
HMC PRODUCTS, INC. Rockford, IL 815-397-9145
OYSTAR GROUP sold in North America 606-341-0400
KLOCKNER BARTELT Sarasota, FL 941-359-4000
LAUDENBERG MACHINERY (Germany) sold in America by PROFILE PACKAGING Sarasota, FL 941-359-6678
MAMATA USA Bradenton, FL 941-205-0227
MESPACK sold in North America by ALLIEDFLEX TECHNOLOGIES Sarasota, FL 941-923-1181
PSG LEE by Leepak, sold in North American by PROFILE PACKAGING Sarasota, FL 941-359-6678
ROBERT'S PACKAGING CO. sold in North America by ALLIEDFLEX TECHNOLOGIES Sarasota, FL 269-962-5525
SOUTHERN PACKAGING Lawrenceville, GA 770-822-0007
VOLPAK sold in North America by ACMA/GD Richmond, VA 800-525-2735 804-794-6688
VOLPAK Barcelona, Spain 34-9-3-574-10-22 Fax: 34-9-3-574-11-36

Vertical Form, Fill, and Seal Machines - OEM

ALKAR-RAPID PACK Lodi, WI 608-592-3211
AQUARIUS Fort Mill, SC 803-548-0554
BOSCH New Richmond, WI 715-246-6511
LEONHARD PKG SOLUTIONS Kohler, WI 920-467-1400
MATRIX PKG MACHINERY Saukville, WI 262-268-8300
PAC MAC Fayetteville, AR 501-521-0525
TRIANGLE PKG. MACHINERY Chicago, IL 773-889-0200

HFFS Pouch Machine Retrofits and Zipper Application Equipment

ALKAR-RAPID PACK Lodi, WI 608-592-3211
HMC Rockford, IL 815-397-9145
KLOCKNER BARTELT Sarasota, FL 941-359-4000
R.A.JONES Covington, KY 859-341-0400 Fax: 859-341-0519
CLOUD PACKAGING EQUIPMENT Des Plaines, IL 269-962-5525
SOUTHERN PACKAGING Lawrenceville, GA 770-822-0007
TECH HOUSE CORP Santa Ana, CA 714-751-4626
THE B MAN 909-673-9100 Fax: 909-673-1534
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