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Reclosable Solutions for Tobacco Packaging 

With the growing popularity of cigarillos and consumers looking for added features, including flavors and texture, packaging in this market needs to deliver a matching premium experience and innovation, providing the right barrier and product containment. We have a variety of closures to meet these challenges from small zippers and sliders to child-resistant options designed to meet federal requirements for child safety.

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childguard package slider

Child-Guard Slider

Specially designed for products that should not be accessed by children without adult supervision, Child-Guard® Slider brings tested performance to your packaging needs.
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child resistant package closure zipper blue

Child-Resistant Zippers

Our premium press to close child-resistant zippers are designed for small formate pouches and are approved or food safety while helping keep children safe. Available in recyclable or compostable styles.
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bolsita package zipper style 17

Tobacco Zipper

Perfect for small pouches with few servings, this single-lock zipper snaps securely for a tight seal yet has a lower holding force for special applications.
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single lock zipper for package

Single Lock Zippers

Versatile zippers which run well on a variety of packaging equipment and are compatible to a variety of films.
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