thermoform zipper style 345 red
thermoform zipper black
clear thermoform package zipper
thermoform package zipper
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green thermoform package zipper
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thermoform zipper black Thumbnail
clear thermoform package zipper Thumbnail
thermoform package zipper Thumbnail
thermoform package zipper blue Thumbnail
green thermoform package zipper Thumbnail
bratworst hotdog reclosable package Thumbnail

Fresh-Lock® Thermoform Zippers

Fresh-Lock “raised the bar” with zippers specifically designed to meet the unique needs of thermoform packaging. Popular with pre-packaged, retail deli applications where high performance is a must. We offer a solid line-up of closures that fit several common tooling designs as well as specialty setups. Double locks and colored lock options are very popular in this category. Try Fresh-Lock and see the difference.

Thermoform Zipper Features:

  • Versatile design meets the demands of thermoform as well as form, fill, and seal pouching formats
  • Approved for use with high-pressure pasteurization
  • Pliable zipper profile feeds smoothly and seals cleanly in thermoforming package process
  • Improve your operating window with easy crushing locks and consistent flange seals. Can help protect films from distorting while allowing faster converting cycles

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