small pouch less than 6 in wide
Applications Small/Light Pouches

Reclosable Solutions for Small/Light Pouches

Smaller pouches such as those under 6 inches wide are generally lightweight, with smaller serving sizes. We have an entire portfolio of options, but here are a few that combine great features with reduced scale to complement smaller pouch needs. Please contact us to consider which one would be right for your application. 

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mini slider for package closure

mini Slider

Ideal for lightweight pouches, our mini slider is versatile enough for many medium-sized formats. mini Slider capitalizes on source reduction of materials without sacrificing the consumer experience. mini makes a great choice for adding a premium feature to your package.
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click n lock zipper closure for package

Click ‘N Lock® Zippers

With an audible snap and solid touch, Click ‘N Lock® sensory zippers help consumers experience a pronounced open and tactile close for added confidence. The double-lock configuration makes Click ‘N Lock® zippers a popular feature set in press-to-close formats.
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double lock package closure zippery style 242

Double Lock Zippers

Our double-lock zipper designs offer consumer preferred lock spacing, providing an easy finger grip and superior opening-and-closing for consistent lock alignment.
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single lock zipper for package

Single Lock Zippers

Versatile zippers with a long-proven record of performance. These products run well on a variety of packaging equipment and are compatible with a wide range of films.
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string zipper package closure

String Zipper

The low-cost way to add the convenience of a reclosable zipper to polyethylene bags popular in the produce, bakery, and textile industries. Excellent holding force characteristics make our string zippers a preferred choice for the consumer and the packer.
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