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Reclosable Solutions for Large Pouches and Bags

The larger the bag the more challenging the application and the more reliability you need in a closure. Fortunately, we have several solutions to choose from when making pouches or bags over 12 inches wide. Here are a few we have featured, but please contact us to learn more about our full range of products for large flexible packages.

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heavy duty s slider with track open for package

Heavy Duty S Slider

While we have been manufacturing recyclable zippers for over 30 years, we have a line of zippers specially designed for compatibility with a variety of recyclable films. These closures seal at much lower temperatures than our original zippers minimizing film distortion and helping reduce production inefficiencies.
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triple lock zipper package closure

Triple-Lock Zippers

All the benefits of our Click ‘N Lock® technology in a triple-lock zipper with enhanced audible-tactile performance and tremendous product side holding force to keep large bags closed.
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high strength package zipper closure

High Strength Zipper

A specially designed single-lock zipper with extra high holding force to withstand very heavy internal loads. This zipper brings press-to-close technology to larger bags and dense product applications.
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