stand up pouches with zippers design element bubbles

Enhance Any Flexible Package with Fresh-Lock® Closures

A premium stand-up pouch with the right reclosable feature can provide differentiation to the brand and added value for the consumer. From press-to-close zippers to advanced track and slider systems, our solutions give you a way to make the pouch stand apart and meet consumer needs. 

Fresh-Lock® closures optimize flexible packages of all sizes and are engineered for specific applications, such as refrigerated products, child resistance, or durability. 

Zipper or Slider—What's the Difference

While any reclosable option benefits brands and consumers, each closure has unique features. 

example of a slider closure

Fresh-Lock® Zippers

  • Cost effective
  • Intuitive press-to-close
  • Versatile and customizable to the application
example of a zipper closure

Fresh-Lock® Sliders 

  • Premium convenience and performance
  • Effortless Slide-to-open and close functionality
  • Consumer preferred convenience
  • Customizable for specific applications