reclosable chicken breast packaging
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Reclosable Solutions for Meat & Seafood Packaging

We design our closures to excel in the high-performance necessities of meat packaging, creating a larger operating window driving efficiencies to the packaging process. Our closures perform in these extreme environments and have reduced packaging waste for some of our customers while still delivering appeal to consumers with added convenience, reliability, and product protection. 

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thermoform zipper style 345 red


A portfolio of pliable zipper profiles which all feed smoothly and seal cleanly in thermoform fill & seal packaging process.
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clear pre zip package closure zipper

Pre-Zip Zipper

Pre-applied zippers allow packagers to produce zippered packaging on vertical form, fill and seal equipment with little or no modification.
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flexible package closure


This zipper is a single component which forms the top of a package and works seamlessly with form, fill and seal processes while emitting fewer greenhouse gases than other similar products on the market.
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