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Closures for Health and Personal Care Packaging

The growing interests in health, wellness, and sustainability make reclosable flexible packaging an attractive opportunity for health and personal care products. Pouches use less material than rigid packaging, which can reduce costs while adding sustainability benefits important to consumers. All our closures are FDA approved, and as the leader in child-resistant flexible packaging closures, we have a variety of solutions available to help you with your packaging needs.

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childguard package slider

Child-Guard Slider

Specially designed for products that should not be accessed by children without adult supervision, Child-Guard® Slider brings tested performance to your packaging needs.
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child resistant package closure zipper blue

Child-Resistant Zippers

Our premium press to close child-resistant zippers are designed for small formate pouches and are approved or food safety while helping keep children safe. Available in recyclable or compostable styles.
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particle resistant package closure

Particle-Resistant Closures

Available in a Particle Plow Slider or Particle Resistant Zipper, our proprietary design prevents small particles from becoming trapped in the zipper enabling a reliable open and close use after use.
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click n lock zipper closure for package

Click ‘N Lock® Zippers

With an audible snap and solid touch, Click ‘N Lock® sensory zippers ensure the package is securely closed and the product is stored safe inside.
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string zipper package closure

String Zipper

The low-cost way to add the convenience of a reclosable zipper to poly packaging, which is compatible with most equipment.
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