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If you’re looking for added performance from your next package, reclosable flexible packaging offers a powerful solution, delivering on far more benefits than simply containing your product. Consumers are willing to pay 14% more for resealable packaging because of the added conveniences like portability, easy opening and access to the product, added product protection, and helping to keep products fresh longer.* 


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package closure sliders


Our track and slider technology is number one in the market, driven by consumer demand for product protection and freshness. With the wide variety of tracks, sliders, and clip designs available, we can supply the right solution for any project along with superior application machinery and engineering support for complete end-to-end service.
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multiplex zipper style 8555

Multiplex Zipper

Easy open and close this audible/tactile zipper has 5 sets of interlocking channels which hold air and water unlike other “hook and hook” closures helping to keep products fresh.
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click n lock zipper closure for package

Click ‘N Lock® Zippers

With an audible snap and solid touch, Click ‘N Lock® sensory zippers help consumers experience a pronounced open and tactile close for added confidence. The double-lock configuration makes Click ‘N Lock® zippers a popular feature set in press-to-close formats.
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