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Reclosable Solutions for Special Applications

Closures for flexible packages should never be considered as one-size-fits-all. Some packages need to withstand extreme pressures, temperature changes, and a wide range of product shapes, sizes, and handling requirements. Fresh-Lock® closures are custom designed to enhance performance on an assortment of product package needs while providing consumer convenience and manufacturing ease. What demands does your package have? Here are some popular closures for special formats:

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particle resistant package closure

Particle-Resistant Closures

Available in a Particle Plow Slider or Particle Resistant Zipper, our proprietary designs prevent small particles from becoming trapped in the locks enabling a reliable open and close use after use. Ideal for many granular and powder-type products.
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flexible package closure


Popular with flash-frozen poultry, the zipper is produced with a wider web of film which forms the top of the package. Zipper-Top works well with special form, fill and seal formats and is produced with a lower carbon footprint than comparable versions.
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clear pre zip package closure zipper

Pre-Zip Zipper

Pre-applied zippers allow packagers to process zippered film into pouches without the need for special equipment or machine modifications. Pre-Zip closures provide front panel access and are popular with bakery, snack, and frozen food applications, and vertical form, form, fill and seal operations.
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high strength package zipper closure

High Strength Zipper

A specially designed single-lock zipper with extra high holding force to withstand very heavy internal loads. This zipper brings press-to-close technology to larger bags and dense product applications.
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heat resistant package zipper style 212

Heat-Resistant Zipper

Ideal for higher heat applications like boil-in-bag or hot water pasteurization processes.
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bolsita package zipper style 17

Tobacco Zipper

A specialty closure for small pouches with few servings, this single-lock zipper snaps securely for a tight seal yet has a lower holding force for easy opening.
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We work to make adding reclosability to packaging as easy as possible from every need and sometimes this means developing equipment. In partnership with equipment manufacturers for in-line applications and premade pouches, we have developed several machines to help apply zippers and track and slider systems to packages. Please contact us so we can help fit you with the right equipment for your needs.

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