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Reclosable Solutions for Sustainable Packaging

Today's consumers are more environmentally-conscious than ever and prefer brands that align with their beliefs. The Fresh-Lock® 8000 Series is a line of sustainable closures for flexible packaging targeting circularity and waste elimination. This will help to provide recyclable packaging to the marketplace with minimum reduction in production efficiencies while still delivering the ideal consumer experience for reclosable pouches and the sustainable practices consumers are seeking from companies.

8000 Series

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package closure sliders

Polyethylene Sliders

Get the easy open and close of a slider consumers prefer are now available in a recycle ready material.
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Compostable Zipper Product

Compostable Zippers

Industrially compostable and seals beautifully to several compostable films at low temperatures, this single lock zipper is made of 100% compostable resin with easy crushing locks.
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polypropylene zipper style 8016

Polypropylene Zippers

100% fully recyclable as part of a polypropylene recyclable package, this single-lock zipper withstands high heat applications and retort processing with a high holding force yet is easy for consumers to open.
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feature packed package closure zippers

Feature Packed Recyclable Zippers

Learn more about our collection of recyclable zippers focused on features consumers prefer and designed to complement sustainable films for added manufacturing benefits.
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green spool

Green Spool Program

This is a simple way to lower your plant’s landfill output with the introduction of a modular, reusable or recyclable, environmentally-friendly spool program at no additional cost to you.
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