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Polyethylene Sliders

Fresh-Lock® Polyethylene Sliders

Studies have shown consumers prefer the easy open, easy reclosability sliders provide. With more consumers being environmentally-conscious than ever, brands no longer have to make a choice between sustainability and convenience. We now offer our most popular sliders in polyethylene for a mono-material track and slider solution for recycle-ready programs. Contact us for our full portfolio of slider options.

Product Features:

  • Ergonomic Slider: An hourglass shape allows for easy gripping and sliding on hooded flexible packages that require a low-profile slider
  • Particle Plow Slider: Designed especially for powdered or granulated products, these zippers clear particles out of the track, ensuring proper closing
  • mini Slider: Ideal for lightweight products and smaller flexible packages. Because less material is required to manufacture the mini Slider, it is more affordable than other premium closures
  • Child-Guard: A revolution in the packaging industry, this is the flexible packaging innovation that helps keep kids safe