cereal flexible reclosable packaging
Markets Bakery, Cereals & Mixes

Reclosable Solutions for Bakery, Cereal, and Dry Mix Applications 

Walk down the store aisles and you may notice a shift happening in packaging. With the growing focus on healthier products, such as added nutrients, fiber, and lower carbs, consumers are looking for packaging that helps keep products fresh. Reclosable flexible packaging can offer brands cost savings and sustainability benefits while adding consumer convenience. We’ve designed our press-to-close zippers and sliders to help preserve product freshness during its shelf life with solutions available for even the most challenging applications.

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particle resistant package closure

Particle-Resistant Closures

Available in a Particle Plow Slider or Particle Resistant Zipper, our proprietary design prevents small particles from becoming trapped in the zipper enabling a reliable open and close use after use.
Learn About Particle-Resistant Closures
example of a linear tear zipper

Linear Tear Zipper

Linear Tear zipper enables consumers to easily remove the hood of a pouch in a clean, straight tear without adding capital investment and space required for laser scoring equipment.
Learn About Linear Tear Zipper
double lock package closure zippery style 242

Double Lock Zippers

Double-lock design offers easy grip and superior opening-and-closing features for consistent performance. Available in regular or our 8000 Series which is designed to optimize machining of recyclable films.
Learn About Double Lock Zippers
polypropylene zipper style 8016

Polypropylene Zippers

100% fully recyclable as part of a polypropylene recyclable package, this single-lock zipper withstands high heat applications and retort processing with a high holding force yet is easy for consumers to open.
Learn About Polypropylene Zippers
string zipper package closure

String Zipper

The low-cost way to add the convenience of a reclosable zipper to poly packaging, which is compatible with most equipment.
Learn About String Zipper

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