gummy bear flexible package
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Reclosable Solutions for Candy 

Whether consumers think of candy as a fun snack or an indulgent treat, they still want the package to be functional and convenient. Resealable flexible packaging offers easy access to the product and non-spill storage for sharable serving sizes. Zip the pouch closed, and it is ready for on-the-go needs.

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mini slider for package closure

mini Slider

Ideal for lightweight products and smaller flexible packages. Less material is required to manufacture the mini Slider making it a more affordable and efficient slider option.
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multiplex zipper style 8555

Multiplex Zipper

Easy open and close this audible/tactile zipper has 5 sets of interlocking channels which hold air and water unlike other “hook and hook” closures helping to keep products fresh.
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click n lock zipper closure for package

Click ‘N Lock® Zippers

With an audible snap and solid touch, Click ‘N Lock® sensory zippers ensure the package is securely closed and the product is stored safe inside.
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double lock package closure zippery style 242

Double Lock Zippers

Double-lock design offers easy grip and superior opening-and-closing features for consistent performance. Available in regular or our 8000 Series which is designed to optimize machining of recyclable films.
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single lock zipper for package

Single Lock Zippers

Versatile zippers which run well on a variety of packaging equipment and are compatible to a variety of films.
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