candy benefits from reclosable packaging

Reclosable Packaging Sweetens Candy Appeal


Market reports predict a sweet future for chocolate and candy as the commercial candy industry continues to grow. According to confectionary industry research, 268 million Americans consumed chocolate and other candy in 2020, a number projected to increase to 275 million by 2024. In fact, a December 2021 survey reports 61% of Americans enjoy snacks, with slightly over half of respondents admitting they eat sweets regularly.

This steady demand is great news for the industry, while presenting an important challenge for products to stand out in a competitive market. One clear point of differentiation is packaging; the overwhelming majority of consumers state that food packaging is “incredibly important” to their purchasing decisions. Factors like visual appeal and unique shape play a significant role in whether a customer will buy one sweet treat versus another.

Two other distinctive features are sustainability and reclosability. Commercial confectionary brands can add immediate appeal by considering the increasingly eco-friendly values of their customers, as well as the added value and convenience of reclosable packages.

Candy sales are influenced by new consumer preferences

According to a recent survey from Accenture, COVID-19 influenced nearly half of all consumers to reevaluate their consumption values, including the health benefits, convenience, and reputation of products and brands. Increasingly, consumers are rewarding companies whose product packages are environmentally conscious. The right packaging partner can help brands achieve packaging solutions to meet each of these customer preferences.

Sustainability: Even with the influence of COVID-19, consumer interest regarding reduction of plastic waste and carbon emissions held strong. Companies throughout the packaging industry have responded by committing to sustainability. The Fresh-Lock® brand is likewise committed to providing sustainable solutions to help the packaging industry achieve its carbon reduction goals. To support our planet and to help companies improve their sustainability scorecards, we developed our 8000 Series, variety of recyclable and compostable closures specifically designed to complement sustainable films, something that few other closures have accomplished. These closures can also enable faster packaging machine speeds and reliable sealing, as well as help reduce waste and energy consumption during manufacturing.

Value: Evidence shows consumers will pay more for reclosable packaging because it is easy to open and close, convenient to grab and go, and less likely to spill than traditional candy packaging.

Convenience: Packaging is ultimately only as effective as the experience it delivers. Reclosable candy packaging provides consumers the convenience of not having to place the bag in another container. Commercial candy companies will increasingly use stand-up reclosable pouches for large, multi-serving bags of sweets—a ringing endorsement of the quality of this package style. As reclosable packages become more commonplace, consumers will likely prefer this convenient style.

Reclosable pouches benefit candy packers

Successful packaging communicates a product’s quality, value, and drives appetite appeal. At the same time, packaging needs to serve business needs for sustainability, operational efficiency, and protect the product through the distribution chain.

Marketing: Reclosable, stand-up candy pouches offer a more substantial visual surface for branding. Each stand-up pouch effectively serves as its own billboard on store shelves, advertising the product much more favorably than candy bags that lie flat. The advancements in digital printing can convey brands’ desired appearance, while adding a Fresh-Lock® closure communicates convenience and product protection.

Sustainability is the future: Many consumers and governments worldwide have recognized the urgency of efforts to protect the planet from waste and pollution. Various countries, regions, and even individual municipalities are passing regulations to limit single-use plastics, reduce carbon emissions, promote recyclability and composting, and strengthen the circular economy. Packagers and producers in every industry have a vested interest in finding sustainable, environmentally-conscious alternatives. The Fresh-Lock team is always eager to partner with packagers looking to make that positive change and find a solution that works with their product.

Find out what packaging solutions are right for you

Candy packaging is one of our specialties! To learn more about Fresh-Lock® reclosable packaging solutions, please contact one of our experts. Let’s talk about how your products can achieve even more.

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