chicken soup made from dried soup packaging

How Does Packaging Affect Dried Soup Performance?


As workers worldwide continue to head back to offices, schools, and factories, breakrooms are again filling with employees looking to enjoy a brief rest and a meal to fuel up for the rest of their shift.

With dried soups, taking a break from work doesn’t have to mean taking a break from a warm, delicious, just-prepared meal. Dried soups allow for a quick, easy-to-make, and satisfying solution whether one is hungry at home or on-the-go. That is, so long as the product is packaged well.

Dried soup may bring to mind fond memories of single-serving packets and college dormitories. However, today’s premier dried soup mixes, which feature rich broths and dehydrated or freeze-dried vegetables, are often sold in larger quantities. When such products are sold in a larger package size with multiple servings, reclosable packaging is a must. Reclosability helps preserve the soup’s flavor, keeping it as fresh and bold as it’s supposed to be, while also helping to prevent it from spilling in the pantry or as it’s handled or transported.

The Dried Soup Market: Soup-er Opportunities

A number of factors are converging to present promising opportunities for the dried soup market. First, according to Mordor Intelligence, the demand for convenient, wholesome foods is forecast to continue growing through 2024.

global dried soup market summary - growth from 2019 to 2024

Second, according to Future Market Insights, the “demand for dehydrated dried soups is significantly higher than instant dried soup.” Per Mordor Intelligence, dried soup has a high demand globally, with the exception of Africa and South America.

global dried soup market size by region

Mordor reports the dried soup market is “highly fragmented with a large number of international and regional vendors, with vendors competing for innovation, pricing, and distribution.” In other words, dried soup producers may benefit to differentiate themselves with the type of reclosable, convenient, and even sustainable packaging that is increasingly popular with younger shoppers.

Sustainable Packages for Health-Conscious Customers (and Producers)

If your dried soup promotes its nutritional value, consider the emerging connection between consumers who prize a healthy body as they do a healthy planet.

The Fresh-Lock® brand is an industry leader in innovative sustainable package closures. Offering your customers the eco-incentive of recyclable or compostable packaging can resonate with their values and help your product stand out in a crowded marketplace. Our sustainable options help you and your customers contribute to a greener planet—without sacrificing any of the convenience and performance of Fresh-Lock® reclosability.

Particle Resistant Closures for Dried Soup: Closed for the Season

The reclosability of dried soup in a flexible package needs a high-quality zipper or slider to contain even the smallest particles of soup seasoning. As more powdered and granular products move from rigid containers to flexible pouches, the Fresh-Lock team has developed Particle Resistant Closures designed to reliably keep those products protected use after use. These zippers feature anti-clogging locks for consistant and easy reclosability. The slider plows particles out of the track enabling smooth, clean closure performance, boosting consumers’ confidence in the package, and assuring them that contents will stay fresh and won’t spill.

Dried Soup Solutions

The dried soup market is heating up. Help your product stand out with convenient, innovative, and sustainable closure options for your flexible pouches. Don’t let poor packaging water down your product! Contact the Fresh-Lock team to discover the best packaging closure solutions for your dried soup.

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