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Reclosable Solutions for Home, Laundry & Garden Care

Time spent cleaning and doing yard or garden care is on the rise as is the importance of safety and sustainability. With added pressures, consumer convenience is always a preference when making purchases. Fortunately, reclosable flexible packaging can deliver the ideal packaging experience for home, laundry, and garden care products. Pouches use less material than rigid packages which can lower costs while adding sustainable benefits and as the leader in child-resistant flexible packaging closures we have a variety of solutions available to help you with your packaging needs giving you a competitive advantage in the market.

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grip and rip package closure

Grip And Rip

A great alternative to sewn-top packages, this feature is ideal for single-open packaging needs. Just grip the tear bead and rip for easy access to the protected products inside.
Learn About Grip And Rip
childguard package slider

Child-Guard Slider

Specially designed for products that should not be accessed by children without adult supervision, Child-Guard® Slider brings tested performance to your packaging needs.
Learn About Child-Guard Slider
heavy duty s slider with track open for package

Heavy Duty S Slider

Perfect for flexible packages requiring strong top and end retention values such as pet food, lawn and garden, medium and large bags.
Learn About Heavy Duty S Slider
triple lock zipper package closure

Triple-Lock Zippers

All the benefits of our Click ‘N Lock® technology in a triple-lock zipper with even more enhanced audible tactile sensations and a higher product side holding force.
Learn About Triple-Lock Zippers
particle resistant package closure

Particle-Resistant Closures

Available in a Particle Plow Slider or Particle Resistant Zipper, our proprietary design prevents small particles from becoming trapped in the zipper enabling a reliable open and close use after use.
Learn About Particle-Resistant Closures
high strength package zipper closure

High Strength Zipper

Specially designed single-lock zipper with an extra high holding force to withstand very heavy internal loads. Adding reclosability to big bags and dense products is possible with this closure.
Learn About High Strength Zipper
single lock zipper for package

Single Lock Zippers

Versatile zippers which run well on a variety of packaging equipment and are compatible to a variety of films.
Learn About Single Lock Zippers

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