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Grip And Rip

Grip And Rip: Easy Tear-Open Packaging

Never fuss with sewn-top packaging again! Complete the top of your pouch with Fresh‑Lock® Grip And Rip feature for an easy and mess-free opening. This top makes a hermetically sealed package possible to protect the contents from infestation, moisture, and other contaminants. Consumers will appreciate the convenient tear bead, as they won’t have to grab a tool to open their package. Further, this feature looks great on shelves to help your brand stand out from the competition.

Product Features

  • Tear bead enables a hassle-free opening for large format pouches
  • Simplified manufacturing process without the complexity of sewing
  • Can be hermetically sealed to complete the top of the package
  • Dual-purpose membrane provides strength and tamper evidence to help reassure the product is protected
  • Premium on-shelf appearance