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Child-Guard Slider

Child-Guard® Track & Slider

The groundbreaking child-resistant technology of Child-Guard® closure is a revolution in the flexible packaging industry. Specially designed for products that should not be handled by children without adult supervision, Child-Guard® Slider brings tested performance to your packaging needs. Customer-friendly and ergonomic, this system is adaptable to many film structures to perform under various design demands.

Child-Guard® Track & Slider Child-Resistant Features:

We developed this closure as a critical component for child-resistant flexible pouches which have been fully and successfully tested to international regulation requirements by independent and fully accredited test agencies.

  • Used on a wide range of product applications and medium to large pouch sizes 
  • Multiple certifications using CFR 16, Part 1700, and ISO 8317 test requirements
  • Listed on the ASTM D3475, Standard Classification of Child-Resistant Packages
  • Child-Guard has a Drug Master File, (DMF), listing for medical applications
  • Learn more about features and child safety on the Child-Guard Blog or on the Child-Guard Facebook account
  • Now available in a Polyethylene version

Features for Performance and Efficiency:

  • Performs with multiple film structures for different performance needs
  • Ergonomic and easy to use with visible cues for consumer confidence
  • Simple and cost-effective compared to traditional rigid child-resistant packaging
  • The track and slider components can be applied to customized pre-made pouches by any in the large network of licensed Child-Guard pouch converters or integrated inline on form, fill, and seal equipment for optimal versatility

These “most common poisons in children*” can help be kept safe using child-resistant flexible packaging closures:

  • Pain medicine—the single most frequent cause of pediatric fatalities
  • Cleaning substances and laundry packaging
  • Pesticides
  • Vitamins
  • Cosmetics and personal care products
  • Antihistamines
  • Foreign bodies such as toys, coins, and thermometers

*National Capital Poison Center;