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Why Millennials Buy Nutrition Products in Resealable Flexible Packaging


Everyone is trying to figure out the best way to market to Millennials. The generation has become the largest consumer group in America, and its members are moving into their prime spending years.

Millennials make purchasing decisions a bit differently than older generations. Still, sending the right message to this group isn’t as mysterious as you might think. Once you understand their mindset and what motivates them, the way to reach Millennials becomes clear.


Strategy surrounding Millennial marketing will be the focus of a special workshop at Supply Side West in September. However, your strategy needs to go deeper than website SEO and social media.

Authenticity and trust are important components in the relationships Millennials have with the brands they buy. While the generation tends to be suspicious of industrialized food, research suggests good news for supplements and natural health products.

A survey from the New Hope Network found Millennials trust the supplement industry more than baby boomers do. They’re also significantly more likely to shop the natural channel than their parents and less likely to purchase based on price.

While many Millennials are committed to living healthy lifestyles, there is still room for natural health companies to make headway with them.

In the report, Foodways of the Younger Generations, The Hartman Group found that Millennials are still less likely to use dietary supplements than boomers. While this is probably due to age and health-related differences, the fact remains that now is the time to turn Millennials into loyal customers of your brand.

While the ingredients and quality of your product are paramount, don’t underestimate the role packaging will play in a Millennial’s path to purchase. Flexible packaging options, such as the resealable standup pouch, are exploding, and the preferences of Millennials are helping to drive that growth.

Here are just a few reasons to consider packaging your natural health and sports nutrition products in flexible packaging with reclosable features such as sliders and zippers.

Convenient Packaging for Active Lifestyles

Millennials live busy lives, but they’re also focused on finding a work-life balance. They want the job of their dreams, time to spend with family and friends, and time to work out as well. Convenience is key when deciding how your product should be packaged.

Consider protein powder as one example. Typically, this product comes packaged in a large, rigid jar with a screw-on lid. That’s not easy to stuff in a duffel bag and take to the gym.

An advantage of resealable pouches is that they are less cumbersome to carry around. As the consumer uses up product, a package made from flexible films can be rolled down, but a rigid container stays the same bulky size.

The fact that reclosable packaging can be compressed means there’s improved product freshness as well. The films used for flexible packages are also effective at protecting the product from exposure to light and moisture while preventing dehydration.

Fresh-Lock® Slider Zipper has developed a unique solution for protein powder and other powdered health products. Our Particle Plow Slider is designed to push granules out of the zipper portion of a closure, ensuring a well-sealed package every time.

Resealable packaging is ideal for the single serve packaging format, which is another thing Millennials living a modern lifestyle will appreciate. Smaller pouches can be designed to fit inside of cup holders, allowing drivers to focus on the road while snacking. They’re also ideal for Millennials who eat at their desks. Our mini Slider was created as a resealable solution for small-format standup pouches, and we have a wide selection of press-to-close zipper options that can be applied to small pouches.

A More Sustainable Packaging Option

The values of healthy living and sustainable living tend to go hand-in-hand. Millennials who believe in taking care of their bodies are often committed to taking care of the planet, too.

Flexible packaging is viewed across the industry as more sustainable than other options in some impactful and measurable ways.

Source reduction: Less material is used to create the package, so fewer natural resources are used, and less ends up in landfills. Using 60 lbs. of a beverage product as an example, the Flexible Packaging Association (FPA) says 1.5 lbs. of flexible plastic is needed compared to 3 lbs. of aluminum, 6 lbs. of rigid PET, and 50 pounds of glass.

Less weight and space: The FPA states it would take 26 truckloads to transport the number of empty glass jars one truck filled with flexible packages can haul. Fewer trucks on the road means reduced CO2 emissions and a smaller footprint.

Environmentally conscious Millennials will be looking for brands that use sustainable packaging solutions. At Fresh-Lock® Slider Zipper, we’ve made our own commitment to helping the packaging industry be more sustainable. Find out how our Zipper Spool Reuse and Recycling programs work.

Flexible Packaging that Keeps Kids Safe

The supplement industry has a good track record concerning safety, especially when compared to traditional pharmaceutical products. Still, there are natural health products that should be kept away from young children, and could cause them to become ill if ingested.

At Fresh-Lock® Slider Zipper, we noticed the need for a child-resistant solution for flexible packaging. That’s why we developed the innovative Child-Guard® child-resistant slider. When properly closed, the slider locks in place and requires additionally dexterity to open. Think of it as similar in function to the child-safety caps found on pill bottles, only this solution allows natural health brands to take advantage of the benefits flexible packaging provides.

Watch a Video of How Child-Guard® Works

You’ve likely noticed Child-Guard® being used on popular laundry products.

While dietary supplements (or nutraceuticals) don’t need the same sort of FDA approvals as pharmaceutical products, there are still safety regulations to follow when certain ingredients are involved. Our child-resistant solution has undergone all necessary testing. When combined with tear-resistant and puncture-resistant films, it provides the protection parents of young children need for peace of mind.

Millennials across America are building families right now. They are the ones chasing curious young toddlers around. Even if your natural products don’t require a child-resistant closure, showing responsibility and a commitment to the safety of little ones will not go unnoticed.

Learn more about our child-resistant flexible packaging technology when you read this Child-Guard® case study.

The bottom line is that while switching to flexible packaging with reclosable features may require an initial investment, the FPA says consumers of all ages are willing to pay more for certain features that add value and make their lives easier. That includes ease-of-use, sustainability, and the safety of their family.

Visit Fresh-Lock® Slider Zipper at Supply Side West

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We’d love the chance to answer any of your questions, show you some packaging prototypes, and discuss how our closures can help you reach your target market.

Can’t wait that long? Locate a sales rep in your region and contact us today, or call (800) 265-0750 to learn more.

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