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How Resealability Makes Lawn and Garden Packaging Safe and Convenient


Lawn and garden products often come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and items such as mulch, grass seed, potting soil, pesticides, fertilizer and other granular products can prove to be difficult to package. With American adults collectively spending more than 2.3 billion minutes on lawn care and gardening each year, there is a need for sturdy, easy to store, and quality-made lawn and garden packaging.


Resealibility Means Fewer Messes

Due to their granular nature, it can be challenging to store lawn products like grass seed and fertilizer without making a mess or wasting product when transferring. Packaging powder or granular lawn products in pouches with resealable closures helps retain product that is often lost when packaging is torn open or tipped over.

Sliders like the Particle Plow Slider clear particles out of the track when closed, which keeps packaging sealed tighter, resulting in fewer spills and less product waste.

Extended Shelf Life

When packaged in resealable pouches or bags, grass feed, soil, and other granular products can last longer. Closures like the Slide-Rite® “S” Slider help preserve heavier lawn and garden products like mulch and soil by locking below the track’s profile, which helps keep the slider on the package during demanding applications, product transportation, and inclement weather.

When combined with vented packaging solutions, closures like the “S” Slider act as a barrier against moisture and odor and protect contents against sun damage, rain, and other weather conditions. Better protection means a longer lasting product.

Simple and Safe Storage Solutions

Most homeowners have a limited amount of space when it comes to storing lawn and garden products, and storing for easy access is important. When used for lawn and garden products, resealable standup packaging helps keep bulky, hard-to-handle items like potting soil and fertilizer upright in your garage or shed, providing convenience while in use and taking up less space in storage.

With more than 35,000 accidental poisonings in children each year, pesticides are among the top 10 most common substances ingested by kids under 6. When packaged with resealable closures, lawn and garden items are far more likely to stay out of the hands of children. Child-Guard® is a child-resistant closure that can be added to flexible packaging for products like fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides, and other agrochemical products, helping to protect young children from accidental exposure.

Child-Guard® also helps keep pets safe from potentially hazardous chemicals. Many lawn treatment products, like fertilizer contain bone meal or fish meal. While enticing for small animals, these products can cause illness when ingested. Storing lawn fertilizers, seed, and pesticides in flexible packaging with a child-resistant closure can protect pets from accidental exposure.

Fewer Materials Means Lower Packaging Costs

Choosing flexible packaging for lawn and garden products is an economical way to stand out against competition without driving up costs. Durable films and recycled materials keep production costs low.

Flexible packaging uses fewer materials in production, which helps your brand lower manufacturing expenses and decrease shipping costs. This also means consumers are left with less packaging waste and more of their favorite lawn treatment product.

Using reclosable flexible packaging allows your brand to create a strong, cost-effective packaging solution for lawn and garden products consumers have come to love and trust.

Boost Brand Awareness Throughout the Season with Innovative Flexible Packaging

If your lawn and garden products boast of a beautiful yard, shouldn’t your packaging say the same? Packaging your products in attractive flexible packaging can increase brand awareness and help your brand stand out against competition on-shelf. The modern designs that flexible packaging provides can help keep your brand one step ahead of the competition, as consumers are often driven to make purchases based on packaging design.

When paired with resealable closures, flexible packaging allows your product to stay in its original packaging throughout transport. This feature is attractive to customers looking for product packaging they can reuse throughout the season, and also increases brand visibility, helping to keep your product top of mind during every use.

You’ve got the right products for demanding and dirty jobs. We’ve got the packaging and closure solutions that will help more consumers enjoy your brands.

When used with packaging, our zippers and sliders can help elevate your brand products. Contact Fresh-Lock Slide-Rite to learn more today.

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