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Click ‘N Lock® Zippers

Fresh-Lock® Click ‘N Lock® Zippers

Based on consumer insights, the Fresh-Lock team designed a line of audible/tactile zippers to help your package stand out from the competition. An audible noise helps let consumers know when the package is opened and securely closed. A noticeable “click” can be felt when pressure is applied to the double locks as the bag closes. This sensory feedback helps reassure consumers that the bag is securely closed, helping their products to remain fresh for the next usage occasion.

Product Features

  • Double lock designs for reliable closing
  • Audible/tactile experience in a variety of styles for different applications
  • Easy crushing locks support a wider operating window to help protect films from distorting while allowing faster converting cycles
  • Available with either clear or colored lock
  • Ask our sales team about options in our 8000 Series