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Double Lock Zippers

Fresh-Lock® Double Lock Zippers 

Consumers want to feel confident their package is properly closed to help maintain freshness and reduce spills. Double lock zippers provide an ergonomic feel and help aid consumer confidence in the closure. Our line of double lock zippers also come in a variety of designs and sizes with varying features and all the reliability the Fresh-Lock® brand is known for.

Product Features

  • Double locks with consumer-preferred lock spacing
  • Easy crushing locks require minimal heat for sealing delivering an attractive package with optimal cycle times
  • Maintains high integrity seals that won’t leak, gap, or distort
  • Works seamlessly with vertical form, fill, seal and pouch making processes
  • Ask about options in our 8000 Series: sustainable closures developed to complement new material technologies, reduce process challenges, and deliver the package experience and added benefits consumers expect