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String Zipper

Fresh-Lock® String Zipper

Fresh-Lock® string zipper provides product containment with a reliable consumer experience. This zipper is easy to open while securely locking the product inside. Customers appreciate the broad range of products our single style can handle due to an excellent differential holding force and increased seal range. Run a side-by-side comparison and see for yourself. With more footage per roll and a color indicator for error-free threading, adding or switching to this zipper has major advantages.

Product Features

  • No-flange, double lock zipper design
  • Provides faster bag production and less materials consumption
  • Error-free feeding
  • Low energy crush, high speed converting
  • Faster cycle rates
  • Lower sealing temperatures
  • Improved side seal appearance with quality seals that won’t gap or distort
  • Flexible at colder temperatures
  • Economical zipper solution for many applications including fresh produce, bakery, textiles, and more!