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Compostable Zippers

Fresh-Lock® Compostable Zippers

Compostable flexible packaging is rapidly growing and we are excited to have solved the reclosability gap. Our blended formulation provides excellent machinability with a broad range of compostable films receiving positive feedback from our converters. We’ve designed our compostable closures to seal beautifully at lower temperature ranges than many commonly used materials. Brands will appreciate easy to open zippers with high product side holding strength for pouch security.

Zippers Optimized for Recyclable Films Features:

  • Passed industrial compostability testing per ASTM D6400-19*   
  • FDA approved for food contact applications
  • Converter friendly with excellent zipper-to-film sealing and end crush
  • Improved material stability for storage and machining vs. competitive options
  • Lock designed for consumer convenience and product security
* This certification approval is for the zipper component only and cannot be used for claims in a finished reclosable pouch product without testing the pouch and zipper together.