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Feature Packed Recyclable Zippers

Fresh-Lock® Feature Packed Recyclable Zippers

While adding reclosability to flexible packaging can add consumer convenience, there are so many other benefits that can help win over shoppers. Closures are not a one-size-fits-all so we have designed a collection of feature-focused zippers which deliver on recyclability as well as several other wish-list items of consumers and packagers. These zippers are designed to complement sustainable films to maintain or increase production efficiencies, reduce scrap, and deliver on sustainability scorecard measurements. Here are a few we have highlighted.

Feature Focused Closures:

  • Child-Resistant Zippers: Our versatile press-to-close-child-resistant zipper options are designed for small format pouches with multiple cycle counts. Commonly used with a wide range of film types, these closures have been fully certified and are popular for smaller sized products like nutraceuticals
  • Zipper Top: Closure is a recyclable zipper with a tamper-evident hood to complete the top of your package. Its easy-open tear bead design improves package hermeticity over other perforated styles and its gripper ridges help consumers hold on to the package
  • Multiplex Zipper: Easy open and close this audible/tactile zipper has 5 sets of interlocking channels which hold air and water unlike other “hook and hook” closures helping to keep products fresh
  • Triple-Lock Zippers: have 3 lock sets for even more enhanced audible tactile sensations and extra strong product side holding force. These triple-lock closures convert with easy edge crush and lower sealing for versatility with a wide range of film options including new recyclable structures