package closure sliders
package closure sliders
package closure slider
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package closure sliders Thumbnail
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Advanced Reclosable Technology for Your Product Packaging

Sliders give your brand a distinct advantage on the shelf with ultimate convenience and appeal. Track and slider closures allow for easy gripping and closing, help ensure the package is fully closed, and show consumers your brand is committed to their positive experience of your product. Ask about our polyethylene slider portfolio.

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ergonomic slider for package closure

Ergonomic Slider

Its hourglass shape allows for easy gripping and sliding on hooded flexible packages, it's low profile can help reduce film costs and create a premium package feature that looks great on the shelf.
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heavy duty s slider with track open for package

Heavy Duty S Slider

Perfect for flexible packages requiring strong top and end retention values such as pet food, lawn and garden, medium and large bags.
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particle resistant package closure

Particle-Resistant Closures

Available in a Particle Plow Slider or Particle Resistant Zipper, our proprietary design prevents small particles from becoming trapped in the zipper enabling a reliable open and close use after use.
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childguard package slider

Child-Guard Slider

Specially designed for products that should not be accessed by children without adult supervision, Child-Guard® Slider brings tested performance to your packaging needs.
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mini slider for package closure

mini Slider

Ideal for lightweight products and smaller flexible packages. Less material is required to manufacture the mini Slider making it a more affordable and efficient slider option.
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Equipment for Slider Application


The SR-T100 model uses an extremely compact inserter design and integrated zipper unwind. It provides cost and production efficiencies and rolls up your existing FFS or premade process. Simple controls make it easy to add to your existing capabilities.

This model produces up to 150 cycles per minute on package widths up to 24 inches.


The SR-202 model applies sliders and end clips in one step, providing superior slider retention for large and small package solutions.

This model produces up to 100 cycles per minute on package widths between 3 to 20 inches. Models available for packages above 20 inches in width upon request.