feeding dog with reclosable pet food package

Four Benefits of Reclosable Flexible Pet Food Packaging


We do a lot for our pets. From daily walks to shopping for nutritious pet food, we give our furry friends everything they need to live happy, healthy lives. In many ways, pet products are held to the same standards as the goods we buy for ourselves. 

This is especially evident when you consider the landscape of the pet food industry, where consumers are increasing their spending on high-quality pet food with premium packaging features, particularly those found in flexible packaging. According to the American Pet Products Association, Americans spent $136.8 billion on their pets in 2022, with $58.1 billion alone spent on pet food and treats. As we look ahead, that growth is expected to continue, with the global dog food market expected to reach $82 billion in sales by 2026.

Even as the pet food market grows, it’s important that pet and dog food brands consider how they can continue to prioritize safe, functional, and sustainable products for pets and pet owners around the world. Fortunately, flexible packaging coupled with proper closures can help fulfill these needs.

Here are four benefits of reclosable flexible packaging to consider as you evaluate your options for pet or dog food packaging:


1. Proper Packaging Materials Help Protect Pet Food in Manufacturing

The reputation of high-quality pet and dog food products can be impaired by poor packaging materials and manufacturing practices. In fact, 75% of millennials said that fear of pet food contamination or product safety is a key consideration in the foods they buy. To help consumers feel confident in their purchases, packaging materials should help maintain the integrity of the pet food from manufacturing through consumption. Pet food packaging that’s assembled with low-grade resins, inks, and adhesives can also cause safety concerns if the materials leach into the food, plus they can create an odor or taste that is undesirable to a pet. To avoid this, it’s important for pet and dog food brands to collaborate with suppliers that use high-quality packaging materials and FDA-recognized manufacturing processes.

Fresh-Lock® ribbed zippers

Fresh-Lock® ribbed zippers help secure an oxygen barrier on pet food pouches when properly reclosed that helps keep contaminants out and food fresh.

Flexible packaging offers quality materials and designs that help keep pet food safe during packaging. For example, our Fresh-Lock® High Strength Zipper features a high holding force to withstand heavy internal loads, perfect for helping maintain and protect large bags of dog food.


2. Flexible Pet Food Packaging Can Withstand the Rigorous Supply Chain

The brick-and-mortar supply chain can also be rough on packages of dog food and other pet food products, and with more than half of consumers doing much of their shopping online, the additional touchpoints create the potential for even more damage to occur. To make sure those large packages of dog food or other heavy pet products, such as kitty litter, make it safely into the hands of consumers, brands need to do everything they can to make sure the pet products are well protected even after they leave their facility. 

Flexible packaging increase shelf life and shelf appeal.

Flexible packaging helps protect pet food during distribution with its durable structure and proper closures. It also helps increase shelf life and shelf appeal.

Flexible packaging provides durable, puncture-resistant protection for dog food and other pet products. Additionally, flexible pouches have the ability to flex and move during shipments, helping to reduce the product damage and waste that can occur with other packaging formats like rigid tubs or carboard boxes.

Our Fresh-Lock® Heavy Duty S Slider is ideal for high-performance packages filled with dense products such as kibble for cats or dogs. The slider locks under the profiles of the track, keeping it on the package through the stress demands of shipping and handling. Additionally, our Fresh-Lock® Triple Lock Zippers help block out moisture and other potential contaminants, making it an ideal choice for withstanding the various phases of the supply chain and helping extend product shelf life.

Pet brands that utilize reclosable flexible packaging may also enjoy better shelf appeal. Advancements in flexographic and digital printing have allowed stand-up flexible pouches to include eye-catching graphics that promote the brand and improve overall functionality of the package.

However, it’s one thing to capture a customer’s attention—it’s another to wow them with the product and packaging once they get it home.


3. Reclosable Pet Food Packaging Offers Better Functionality for the Consumer

Pet owners love their animals, and they also love convenience. While convenient, easy-open packaging can appeal to all kinds of consumers, it is especially important for those that struggle with dexterity or suffer from conditions like arthritis and chronic pain.

If a pet parent finds their dog food packaging difficult to use, the first thing they are likely to do is transfer the dog food to a secondary container. A secondary container means losing your package’s brand messaging, benefits, important label information, contact information, and worst of all, your product could lose its freshness or become contaminated, leading to a bad experience for the beloved pet.

Fresh-Lock® pet food packaging

Consumers that have a good experience with pet food packaging are likely to leave the product in the original package, which is the best way to keep food fresh and safe. It also helps with branding and gives the consumer easy access to product information.

The FDA states that the best way to preserve dry pet food’s nutritional value is by storing the food in its original package and tightly folding its top. Thanks to closures like the Fresh-Lock® Ergonomic Slider, consumers have an even more convenient option for reclosing their pet food packaging. This slider features a contoured shape that makes for easy gripping during every open and close, providing customers with extra confidence in the package and ultimately helping build brand loyalty.

Additionally, consumers that keep the original package will have the UPC code, lot number, brand, manufacturer, and “best by” date easily available in case of a product defect or recall.


4. Sustainable Pet Food Packaging Appeals to Eco-Minded Consumers

While consumers want safe and convenient products for their pets, they are also looking for eco-friendly packaging. In fact, a recent McKinsey & Company survey found that most consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging.

Fortunately, pet food brands can implement the same sustainable closures and flexible packaging materials as those found in consumer goods, helping to reduce carbon emissions, water and fossil fuel usage, and materials sent to landfills. Material recovery and secondary life have become major components of sustainability, and closures such as those in the Fresh-Lock® 8000 series can help brands reach these goals by making packages fully recyclable. 

Between recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable films for pet food packaging, there are a variety of ways pet brands can harness emerging technologies to enhance the consumer experience and make their packaging more sustainable. The Bear Naked® granola pouch, which utilizes zipper style 8113 from the 8000 series, is a terrific example of a package that supports the circular economy, while helping brands achieve their sustainability goals. 

And thanks to better graphics from flexographic and digital printing, brands can effectively promote the sustainable nature of their packaging and provide clear instructions for how to properly recycle their products. 

Help Make Shopper’s Choices Easier with Reclosable Flexible Packaging for Pet Food

If you want to update your packaging to give pet parents and their furry friends the best product they can buy, get in touch with our Fresh-Lock pet food packaging experts today. We can work together to get you the exact closure you need to make your flexible package as secure as possible to keep your pet food fresh bite after bite.


This blog was originally published on 6/15/2020 but updated and republished on 4/2/2024.

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