dairy-free cheese market benefits from reclosable packaging

How Reclosable Packaging Can Benefit the Dairy-free Cheese Market


A recent study conducted by Fior Markets revealed that the dairy alternatives market is expected to grow 140% from $19.79 billion in 2020 to $47.95 billion by 2028. The growth in dairy-free diets can be attributed to several factors, including dietary issues making a consumer’s love of cheese a struggle so they are searching for alternative solutions. As competition heats up in the dairy-free cheese market, brands are looking to differentiate themselves on the shelf not only from the traditional dairy-based cheeses, but also from other emerging dairy-free brands. Packaging that aims to reduce waste, lengthen shelf life, and provide a positive experience provides dairy-free cheese brands the opportunity to stand out and align with consumer preferences. Reclosable flexible packaging can help check each of those boxes.

Creating Premium Consumer Experiences

While the demand for dairy-free cheese products often stems from dietary needs, reclosable flexible packaging presents an opportunity for brands to differentiate themselves from other dairy-free cheeses and provide significant value to their consumer audience. Here are some ways the dairy-free cheese industry can benefit from reclosable flexible packaging.

1. Extended Product Freshness with Reclosable Flexible Packaging

Like any traditional cheese product, dairy-free cheeses are likely to be used over the course of multiple servings, so it’s important that consumers feel confident that their product will remain fresh for every use. Reclosable flexible packaging helps preserve the flavor and quality of dairy-free cheeses by helping to reduce air contact and moisture loss. Since dairy-free cheese is made to emulate the taste and texture of traditional cheese products, the storage needs are similar. Reclosable flexible packaging can provide the barrier properties necessary to ensure flavor and texture hold up during storage. Incorporating a Fresh-Lock® closure in your packaging adds convenience and conveys increased product protection to consumers. Fresh-Lock® Double Lock Zippers are excellent options for maintaining the moisture barrier of these moisture-rich products. The double zipper structure helps slow down moisture transmission and prevent the product from drying out after each reclose. In addition to consumer benefits, Double Lock Zippers provide several manufacturing advantages:

  • Easy crushing locks require minimal heat for sealing, which helps protect films from distorting while allowing faster converting cycles
  • High integrity seals that won’t leak, gap, or distort
  • Works seamlessly with a wide range of high-speed packaging equipment
  • Variety of ribbed sealants and flat sealants
  • Available with either clear or colored locks

2. Stand Out Amongst the Competition and Communicate Brand Value Through Packaging

While excellent taste and quality of the dairy-free cheese will create a positive consumer experience, the packaging is just as influential. Products that are packaged with eye-catching design and unique functionalities could make all the difference in whether a consumer feels like your product is superior to a competitor’s. Reclosable stand-up pouches can help spotlight the visual surface of the package, making it easier for shoppers to notice bold graphics and branding compared to that of packages that lie flat. Advancements in digital printing enables brands to boldly advertise new messages that educate consumers about the product and its benefits. Adding a Fresh-Lock® closure communicates convenience and product protection.

3. Make Life Easier With Easy-to-Open Closures

Sliders can add a premium level of convenience and performance. Functionality wise, sliders are simple to use and provide additional assurance that a package is securely closed. Fresh-Lock® Ergonomic Slider’s sleek design not only helps enhance shelf presence, but its contoured shape makes it easy to grip and slide for consistent closing. Created for hooded pouches, which help provide security and product safety, the Ergonomic Slider enables the use of a smaller hood to help reduce film waste. Compatible with numerous open, fill, seal, and manually fed sealing equipment, this slider benefits both the consumer and manufacturer. Want the benefit of a slider for a smaller package? Check out the Fresh-Lock® mini Slider. Ideal for smaller-sized pouches and lightweight products, the mini Slider’s compact design maximizes functional value with less material.

4. Support the Eco-conscious Consumer’s Lifestyle With Sustainable Packaging

As environmentally conscious consumers turn toward dairy alternatives, they are likely also concerned about the sustainability of the packaging. With such a high demand for brands to enact more sustainable practices, these already eco-conscious consumers will show no remorse switching brands to favor those that adopt sustainable technologies. While reclosable flexible packaging helps combat food waste by helping to keep products from spoiling, brands can take their sustainable initiatives one step further by adopting packaging that is 100% recyclable or compostable. Closures in the Fresh-Lock® 8000 series aim to provide sustainable packaging solutions with minimum reduction in production efficiencies. Fresh-Lock® 8000 series Multiplex Zipper has five sets of interlocking channels that hold air and water, helping to preserve freshness. It’s a 100% recyclable closure as a component in a PE recyclable package and is specially blended for compatibility with a wide range of polyethylene recyclable films. This zipper works well with a range of packaging equipment and can be sealed at lower temperatures, helping eliminate distortion concerns. The closure also has tactile feedback, assuring consumers the zipper is closed and will keep their dairy-free cheese fresh for the next use. When paired with the proper closure, flexible packaging allows dairy-free cheese brands the opportunity to lock in an ideal consumer experience.

Gain Further Insight From the Fresh-Lock® Team

Adding a reliable Fresh-Lock® closure could make the difference between a consumer selecting your product over a competitor’s. Our reclosable solutions and team of experts are here to make the transition to reclosable flexible packaging seamless. Learn more about closure options by contacting the Fresh-Lock team today.

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