keep coffee grounds fresh with reclosable packaging

Perking up Sales with Reclosable Coffee Packaging


French press, the pour over method, cold brew, or a classic coffeemaker—coffee drinkers can get their cup of Joe a number of different methods. But one fact holds true no matter how it’s brewed: fresher coffee grounds or beans make for a more delicious drink.

Whether they’re whipping up a special coffee-based drink on a weekend morning, or simply need a full thermos of regular java for their weekday commute, customers rely on their coffee to satisfy. According to the National Coffee Association, U.S. coffee consumption has reached a two-decade high.  There’s no better way to provide refreshment for these thirsty customers than packaging coffee in reclosable pouches.

Help keep coffee fresh with reclosable packages

When coffee grounds are exposed to air, moisture, and heat, oxidation can occur, making coffee stale and more quickly sapping it of its fresh flavor and aroma. No matter how high of quality coffee is when it’s originally packaged, if it’s poorly stored and exposed to oxygen, the taste of the coffee will degrade—as will the positivity of the customer’s experience. This is why it’s valuable to consider boosting consumer confidence with more secure reclosable packaging designed to help keep products protected and dry.

Grind out the competition with convenient coffee closures

Coffee consumption trends are on the rise. Per, the value of coffee industry is forecast to keep growing, after having received a boost from online sales and at-home consumption in general due to COVID-19 lockdowns. With lockdowns reshaping consumer behavior and the prevalence of e-commerce continuing to rise, coffee producers will increasingly vie for their share of this growing market. Product differentiation will be key and offering customers the feature of air-tight reclosability on coffee packages is a sure way to stand out from competitor brands.

The impact of sustainable closures for coffee packages

As the coffee industry continues its growth trend, a significant contingent of coffee consumers has expressed concerns regarding the sustainability of the crop—factors such as deforestation, plastic disposal, and fair trade certifications. The ethical concerns of coffee drinkers influence their purchasing behavior, with environmentally conscious consumers showing a willingness to pay over 36% more for sustainable coffee. It is only fitting that such customers be provided coffee sustainable packaging options with sustainable closures, and in particular, compostable zippers, to address the full production cycle of their favorite coffee—while maintaining all the storage benefits of air-tight reclosability.

Fresh-Lock® offers sustainable options such as Particle-Resistant Closures with easy, reliable closing designed especially for powdered or granulated products like ground coffee.

Adding the perfect closures to your coffee pouch

In a crowded, growing coffee industry, providing customers the ideal package can be the difference between which product they choose. Packaging your coffee in zippered pouches helps your customers to better preserve that just-opened taste and allows your product to stand out from your competitors with convenience and sustainability.

To discuss the best reclosable options for coffee packages, contact the Fresh-Lock team today, and we can help you develop the best solution for your needs.

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