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See Fresh-Lock’s Zippers and Sliders in Action at PACK EXPO


PACK EXPO: the place packaging industry experts turn to discover the newest packaging innovations, look for breakthrough solutions to solve problems, and connect with experts – all under one roof. Many agree that one of the best things about PACK EXPO is the invaluable time you spend seeing new package designs, learning how trends impact total packaging decisions, and making new industry contacts – all which help you and your team speed up the process of uncovering new possibilities for your brand.

Since seeing is believing, we’re partnering with seven packaging equipment manufacturers that we work closely with to have Fresh-Lock® sliders and zippers run on their equipment throughout the duration of the show. Stop by one of the booths below to ask questions, see the closure insertion speed in action, and uncover if the closure-equipment duo could be a solution for your operations.


Cloud Packaging Solutions

Booth S-2948

The widest version of our best-ribbed zipper will be running at the Cloud Packaging Solutions Booth S-2948. Fresh-Lock® Style 113 is a popular zipper selection on the market today, used by many leading brand packages from candy to crackers to chemical products. The zipper’s excellent sealability to a wide variety of films maximizes seal integrity and minimizes leakers. Consumers love this ribbed zipper because there is a wide gripping space to open and close the package.

blue arrowCloud Packaging specializes in high-speed, continuous, and intermittent motion horizontal form, fill, and seal (HFFS), and fill/seal machines for 3-4-sided seal pouches, stand up pouches, and more.


CMD Corporation

Booth E-7918

Head over to CMD Corporation Booth E-7918 to see Style 106DSSS running on compatible equipment. This ribbed zipper is excellent for stand-up pouches due to its balanced flange design with a strong holding force on the package’s side. The zipper’s patented ribs allow for lower sealing temperatures, faster line speeds, and improved seal integrity to minimize leakers.

green arrowCMD is a technology-driven innovator that concentrates on machinery for manufacturing plastic bags, pouches, and specialty converted products for applications that range from consumers goods to medical and food.


Effytec USA

Booth S-2001

Make your way to Effytec USA Booth S-2001 to see Fresh-Lock® Zipper Style 041 running on Effytec USA’s pouching equipment. Style 041 is designed specifically for powders and fine granular products and allows for worry-free reclosability. When it comes to closures, not all zippers and sliders are created equal. Granular powders require specific closures that can seal or plow through product to ensure full closure occurs.

blue arrowEffytec specializes in horizontal form, fill, and seal pouch packaging machinery for a variety of different market sectors including sachets and pouches for the food, cosmetic, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries.



Booth S-2114

Head to KHS USA Booth S-2114 to see how Fresh-Lock® Style 113 runs on another piece of machinery. 113’s extra-wide, offset flange provides an increased gripping area for easy consumer opening. It’s suitable for horizontal form, fill, and seal equipment or pre-formed pouches and its strong holding force keeps contents secure. Stop by to see!

green arrowKHS USA, Inc. designs, manufactures, and supports filling systems, capping systems, process equipment, and pasteurizers in the United States and Canada. The company also offers pouchers, cartoners and case/tray packers, and shrink wrappers

PPi Technologies Group / SN Maschinenbau Gmbh

Booth S-3819

Stop by PPi Technology Group Booth S-3819 to see Fresh-Lock’s Double Zipper, Style 359. This double-locking design is available in clear or in color. Consumers typically gravitate towards these types of zippers for product applications requiring extra security such as frozen produce applications.

Style 359 features a 15.9 mm width and adheres easily to many film structures with the enhanced sealant layer.

blue arrowPPi Technologies Group was started in 1996 to offer innovative flexible pouch and tray sealing machine technologies from around the globe. Today, the company specializes in contract packaging and various stand-up pouch packaging equipment, from pre-made pouch machines to spouted pouch machinery, and more.

Sun Centre USA, Inc.

Booth E-10650

Fresh-Lock’s most versatile zipper, Style 106DSSS, will be in action in Sun Centre’s Booth E-10650 at PACK EXPO. This zipper features Presto’s Soft Seal® material designed for a high integrity side seal using less crushing energy. It works with vertical or horizontal form, fill, and seal equipment or pre-formed pouches. The easy-to-crush material won’t leak, gap, or distort, further enhancing packaging quality.

green arrowSun Centre USA specializes in blown film machinery, pouch making, spout insertion, slitting, and inspection machines.



Totani America, INC.

Booth E-7124

Head to the booth that gave the “box pouch” its name to see a versatile, high-performing zipper used on a variety of products. Fresh-Lock’s Style 106FSSSME zipper has coextruded sealant ribs that help with sealability to many film structures. Stop by Totani Booth E-7124 to ask questions and see it moving!

blue arrowTotani America is a recognized world leader in pouch and bag making machine manufacturing and its current products include pouch machines to produce the following pouches: three-side seal, shaped, stand-up, spouted, reclosable zipper – both slider and press-to-close, side gusseted fin seal, side gusseted four-corner edge seal or quad seal, and true flat bottom pouches.

Stop by the Fresh-Lock by Presto Booth

While you’re making your rounds, stop by the Fresh-Lock® by Presto Booth S-2130 to see our new rotary over the top closure insertion method in action. It allows for increased speed, reduced complexity, and improved registration for closures like the Fresh-Lock® mini Slider and Child-Guard® child resistant slider.

See what else we’ll be featuring in our booth and during the show – and contact us online or at 800-265-0750 if you have questions beforehand!

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