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3 Common Consumer Frustrations with Frozen Produce Packaging


Healthy consumer lifestyle trends are revitalizing the frozen food aisles. As time-stretched and health-conscious consumers request convenient alternatives, they’re turning to healthy frozen produce.

An article from Food Industry Executive shared that consumers of all ages are walking the extra aisle to reach the frozen food section, and a large portion of the frozen food shoppers are millennials. More than ever, shoppers are seeing value in this category and are becoming increasingly dependent on the affordable selections, quick and nutritious meals, healthy side dishes, and wholesome produce options. This mind shift from “fresh produce only” to “frozen produce is still fresh” opens doors for food manufacturers.


However, new research from Kantar Media shows that convenience and quality are more likely to motivate purchase over product price. Consumers are comparing products side-by-side and are likely to purchase a product with enhanced convenience features over one that has none. Understanding today’s consumer frustrations with frozen produce packaging will help you address concerns and pass the comparison test during the moment of truth in the grocery store.

Frustration #1: “I’m sick of freezer burn.”

stick consumer holding forkWithout a closure feature on frozen produce packaging, consumers turn to clips and rubber bands or repackaging in containers and bags to try to keep freezer burn at bay. This typically ineffective step leaves consumers irritated and reflects poorly on brands.

Frustration fix: Reduce repackaging, food waste, and frustration with packaging that closes properly the first time. Easy-to-close sliders, such as the Fresh-Lock® Standard Slider, Slide-Right® Ergonomic Slider, and mini Slider, allow consumers to easily roll out excess air and simply slide the package shut. Help reduce oxygen transmission that leads to freezer burn with a slider that is easy to use and adds value.

Frustration #2: “My packages are popping open in the freezer.”

stick hand consumer holding forkTo buy more efficiently, savvy shoppers turn to bulk reclosable produce pouches like vegetable medleys and fruit mixes, however, there’s nothing more frustrating than spending money on a bulk package that doesn’t stay closed after it’s in the freezer. Zippers and closures that unknowingly pop open end up creating spillage in the freezer – a mess that gets buried at the bottom of the freezer.

Frustration fix: For brands that struggle with this problem, ensure your zipper and slider materials can handle extreme temperatures. Look for broad-field zippers, like the Fresh-Lock® Double Zipper, that can hold up under freezing temperatures but can also withstand the heat of the microwave for reheating.

Broad-field double zippers are engineered to withstand extreme temperatures, plus the double zipper feature allows for twice the protection and assurance that the seal is secure.

Frustration #3: “I’m not sure if the package is fully closed.”

person consumer holding forkThose who’ve been (freezer) burned by a faulty package that wasn’t fully closed know to double- and triple-check their packages. The issue is usually due to zippers improperly sealing at the edges or too little pressure while sealing.

Frustration fix: Don’t let your brand be the victim of a bad zipper experience. Closure developments, like the Fresh-Lock® Click ‘N Lock™ Sensory Zipper, provide sensory feedback to consumers through a noticeable texture and audible noise. This reassures them that the frozen produce package is shut.

Freshness matters. Minimize frustrations.

A 2017 survey reported that 43 percent of millennials, 27 percent of gen Xer’s, and 19 percent of baby boomers are buying more frozen food than they were just one year ago. By pairing value-added convenience with a variety of healthy frozen produce products, food manufacturers and co-packers have a recipe for success in the frozen food aisle.

If your brand is looking to take your frozen produce packaging to the next level, contact the Fresh-Lock by Presto team to get the conversation started. We’ll help you find the best closure for your application that will boost convenience and attract loyal, return customers.

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