slide-rite tamper evident track products
slide-rite tamper evident track products

Not all packages are created equal.

A premium stand-up pouch or a cost-effective flexible bag with reclosability has a distinct advantage on the shelf. In fact, consumers expect reclosable technology for value-added convenience and product freshness. From the press-to-close zipper innovations of Fresh-Lock® to the marketing-friendly advanced closure systems of Slide-Rite® Tracks & Sliders, we have the product expertise and support staff to guide you to the right reclosable option to differentiate your brand.

fresh-lock zipper click n lock
Fresh-Lock® Click ’N Lock™ Sensory Zipper
With an audible snap and solid touch, the sensory zipper ensures a secure closure and product freshness.
fresh-lock contaminant resistant zipper
Fresh-Lock® Contaminant Resistant Zippers
Proprietary design prevents small particles from becoming trapped in the zipper during sealing.
fresh-lock ribbed zippers packaging
Fresh-Lock® Ribbed Zippers
Patented co-extruded sealant ribs enhance the zipper's sealability, with compatibility to a wide variety of packaging films.
dz double zipper fresh-lock
Fresh-Lock® DZ Double Zippers
Double-lock design offers easy grip and superior opening-and-closing features for consistent performance.
fresh-lock soft seal zippers
Fresh-Lock® Soft Seal® Zippers
This material requires less time, temperature and energy to crush, so converters achieve high quality seals without sacrificing cycle rates.
fresh-lock color reveal zipper package
Fresh-Lock® Color Reveal® Zippers
Ensure that your product stays in the package, and win the confidence of consumers with added convenience and security.
fresh-lock thermoform zippers
Fresh-Lock® Thermoform Zippers
Engineered for processed and sliced meat packs produced on thermoform/fill/seal equipment.
fresh-lock inno-lok zippers
Fresh-Lock® INNO-LOK® Zippers
Allows packagers to produce zippered packaging on VFFS equipment with little or no modification.
fresh-lock string zippers reclosable packaging
Fresh-Lock® String Zippers
The low-cost way to add the convenience of a reclosable zipper to poly packaging, which is compatible with most equipment.
slide-rite standard slider reclosable packaging
Slide-Rite® Standard Slider
For general purpose reclosability packaging challenges; perfect for small and medium bags with light to medium weight products.
slide-rite ergonomic zipper slider
Slide-Rite® Ergonomic Slider
An hourglass shape allows for easy gripping and sliding on hooded flexible packages that require a low-profile slider.
slide-rite s-slider flexible packaging
Slide-Rite® “S”-Slider
Perfect for flexible packages requiring strong top and end retention values such as pet food, lawn and garden, medium and large bags.
particle plow slider slide-rite
Slide-Rite® Particle Plow Slider
Designed especially for powdered or granulated products, these zippers clear particles out of the track, ensuring proper closing.
slide-rite ergonomic slider zipper
Slide-Rite® 2-Piece Track
Created for easy-open, easy-close designs, you’ll enjoy the flexibility of either bottom-fill or top-fill configurations.
slide-rite tamper evident track slider
Slide-Rite® Tamper Evident Track
Designed to reduce shipping damage, make a positive impact with customers and set your product apart.
easy open track slide-rite
Slide-Rite® Easy Open Track
Add strength and convenience to your package while reducing damage during shipping and passing the most rigid drop tests.
slide-rite child-guard track and slider packaging
Child-Guard® Track & Slider
A revolution in the packaging industry, this is the flexible packaging innovation that keeps kids safe.
slide-rite sr-t100 packaging model
Slide-Rite® SR-T100
Add slider closures to your product with this extremely compact inserter design, integrated zipper unwind, and low capital cost.
slide-rite sr-202 packaging technology
Slide-Rite® SR-202
Apply sliders and end clips in one step and provide superior slider retention for large and small package solutions.
Fresh-Lock® mini Slider
Ideal for lightweight products and smaller flexible packages. Because less material is required to manufacture the mini Slider, it is more affordable than other premium closures.