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The mini Slider Preserves Freshness in Pet Treats


As the demand for flexible packaging continues, consumers can expect to see more resealable packages hitting store shelves. Come this spring, however, pet owners in particular will begin to notice more resealable options to choose from in the pet food aisle of the grocery store.


Presto® Products Co., the makers of Fresh-Lock® and Slide-Rite®, recently announced the debut of a premium reduced scale closure, the mini Slider (formerly the RS Slider). The mini Slider was originally designed for lighter-weight products like shredded cheeses and confectionery foods. However, the smaller scale slider will soon be making its way to the pet food aisle in local grocery stores, as the demand for resealable pet treats and pet food continues to grow.

In recent years, the amount of products packaged in resealable standup pouches has expanded immensely, especially in the pet food industry. Among the many reasons for this are the ease of storing treats and food upon opening, as well as the extended freshness that reclosable sliders offer.

Resealable packaging is perfect for animal products of all kinds. From wet and semi-moist dog food to dry treats and chews, flexible packaging with slider zippers can help preserve pet products longer. Flexible packaging options are especially important for premium quality dog and cat food, which are most often made from all-natural ingredients, and can spoil quicker if the nutrients are exposed to moisture and oxygen.

The mini Slider satisfies both of these concerns for consumers, and offers companies a lower-cost alternative to traditional sliding closures, all while maintaining the high-quality Slide-Rite® technology that has made the company the leader in the zipper closure and slider industry. The slider is perfect for smaller pouches of pet treats and helps preserve freshness so treats can be stored easily for longer periods of time.

Increase Product Credibility with Innovative Packaging

Fresh-Lock_PETSLIDER Image[1] copy

Owners want the best for their animals, and every pet product should be packaged in a way that provides convenience and aesthetic appeal. The mini Slider is answering the call made by pet food manufacturers that are looking to use packaging as a way to make their product stand out on store shelves.

While many pet owners want products with only the highest quality ingredients for their animals, much of what drives a decision often begins with the packaging. Consumers are more likely to gravitate towards pet products that come in resealable packaging with high-end film finishes and high-resolution graphics.

By packaging pet products in standup pouches with a closure like the mini Slider, manufacturers can increase the perceived credibility of their products and company. Other benefits of flexible packaging for pet products include elevated product functionality and an overall positive purchasing experience, as 70% of purchase decisions are made in-store.

For more information on how the mini Slider can benefit your brand, contact us today.

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