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Here’s What Moms Are Saying About Child-Guard


A few seconds can make a life-changing difference when it comes to accidental exposures, and Child-Guard® is committed to safeguarding children by partnering with companies to protect potentially dangerous products from falling into the wrong hands.

Last year, the Child-Guard® slider hit the consumer market in the laundry industry as a way to prevent children from getting their hands on items that may be potentially harmful if ingested, and it has been greatly received.


The slider currently can be found on popular brands of detergent, although it is expected to grow to accommodate other markets looking to ease the minds of parents with child-resistant closures, such as pharmaceuticals, lawn and garden items, pesticides, and herbicides.

Take a look at what moms are saying about the innovative child-resistant closure:

Moms everywhere can now breathe a sigh of relief when purchasing and using common household products with Child-Guard child resistant closure.”


This Child-Guard zipper is something I feel needs to be brought up all over the world. It would be nice to have more safe products like this on potentially hazardous products so that kids are not getting into them.”

-Kathy (Life With Kathy)

It’s really a quite simple process for an adult to use, but is just tricky enough a young child would struggle trying to figure out. I for one hope to see it featured by more brands whose packaging is lacking in child safety.”

-Stacy (Mom in Training)

The instructions are simple and it’s easy to use but it does take some patience to open. What I like is that it requires two hands to open, something that is difficult for toddlers.”

-Allison (Safety Mom)

I got to check out a laundry detergent package with Child-Guard and I will say it is pretty child-resistant. You have to push down a plastic zipper in a designated spot and then un-zip. You can’t just un-zip the package which is what a kid would try to do. I think it is a great first step in keeping kids safe from harmful products.”

-Cherise (Mom and More)

“I received a sample and I have to admit that I am pretty impressed! I almost couldn’t open it myself! I like that it definitely is child-proof! 

-Denise (SoCal City Kids)

With more than 1.3 million calls made annually to Poison Control for exposures involving children, the need for child-resistant packaging has never been greater than it is today. Moms everywhere are using laundry products with our child-resistant slider to keep littles one safe.

Include Child-Guard® on your products with resealable flexible packaging to offer parents peace-of-mind when storing potentially dangerous items around the house.

To learn more about Child-Guard® and the benefits it provides, visit today!

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