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Discover the Future of Packaging with Fresh-Lock by Presto at PACK EXPO


Packaging is an ever-evolving animal, which is why trade shows like the 2017 PACK EXPO in Las Vegas are such valuable events. It’s an opportunity to learn about emerging packaging trends and best practices while networking with professionals and connecting with new partners.

Fresh-Lock by Presto is excited to be among the suppliers exhibiting at PACK EXPO. That’s because we’re part of one of the fastest growing industry trends – the explosive growth of flexible packaging. You’ve probably seen the numbers. Global demand for flexible packaging is projected to grow to $248 billion by 2020.

A large part of the reason for that growth is the convenient benefits resealable features provide. Consumers truly see the value when closures such as spouts, press-to-close zippers, and sliders are applied to flexible package formats such as the standup pouch.

So, what does the future look like? You can come see for yourself when you visit us at Booth #C-1644 inside Central Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center during PACK EXPO. But first, here’s a preview of the products and prototypes we’ll be featuring at the show.

Child-Guard® – the Future of Child-Resistant Packaging

Flexible packaging offers many advantages: source reduction, easy transport and storage, improved shelf life, and a reduced carbon footprint, just to name a few. However, one thing this format was missing was a way to protect young children from contents that are potentially dangerous to ingest.

That’s why we developed Child-Guard®, a child-resistant slider for standup pouches.

Tide and Gain with Child-Guard

Procter & Gamble was among the first to introduce our innovative closure on packaging for its popular Tide PODS® and Gain® Flings. Since then, the solution (also branded Slider-Guard) has become well-utilized in the laundry market for other soluble unit dose (SUD) detergents. You’ll notice it up and down the laundry aisle at major retailers.

Yet, this is just the beginning of Child-Guard’s potential. Here are several other possibilities for its use along with sneak peeks of prototypes you can hold and examine for yourself at PACK EXPO. Here’s a look at just a few of the other household chemicals that stand to benefit from a child-resistant slider.

Child-Resistant Flexible Packaging for Dishwasher SUDs

laundry packet with child resistant packaging

The SUD is a unique and convenient way for consumers to use many sorts of products that can be dissolved in water. Since brands of dishwashing detergent are widely using this method already, the application of a Child-Guard® slider is a natural next step.

And, it makes a lot of sense. Whereas laundry detergent SUDs may be stored on a shelf out of reach of young children, most homes store their dishwashing detergent under the kitchen sink, within reach of little hands.

Child-Resistant Flexible Packaging for Agrochemical

lawn care product with child resistant packaging

There are a lot of items in garages and storage sheds that you wouldn’t want little kids getting into. Child-Guard® can make the garage a safer place when applied to packaging for agrochemicals such as herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, and fertilizers.

According to Poison Control data, pesticides are among the top 10 substances implicated in accidental exposures of children younger than six years old, accounting for more than 35,000 cases per year.

In addition to providing child-resistant safety features, a slider on flexible packaging for lawn and garden products adds consumer convenience in terms of storage and shelf-life.

Child-Resistant Flexible Packaging for Pool Chemicals

child resistant closure on pool chemical packaging

We’re also seeing many types of pool chemicals taking advantage of flexible packaging options as opposed to rigid containers. Whether it’s chlorine tablets for shocking the pool, algaecides, clarifiers, or other products, accidental ingestion by a child could be problematic

Child-Guard® allows for the source reduction benefits of flexible films while adding a safety feature to help protect the reputation of brands.

Regulated or not, Child-Guard® can help manufacturers of household chemicals do the right thing for customers with young children in their homes. In the future, we’re confident you’ll be seeing Child-Guard® used in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical spaces as well.

Speaking of nutraceuticals, during PACK EXPO, we’ll also be showcasing a prototype package for protein powder. It features Fresh-Lock® by Presto’s Particle Plow Slider. We designed this slider to push granules out of the way of the track, ensuring proper closure. The Particle Plow Slider is an ideal solution for protein powders and other powdered dietary supplements sold in standup pouches.

Meet the Fresh-Lock® mini Slider – Expanding Flexible Packaging’s Possibilities

We first introduced our reduced scale slider solution at PACK EXPO in 2016. This year, we want you to get up-close-and-personal with the mini Slider, and find out about some innovative new application equipment.

The mini Slider is ideal for lightweight products using small format flexible pouches on which typical sliders are too large for the package. This is exciting because certain products and pouches were unable to use sliders as a closure option.

fresh lock sliderYou can see a size comparison of the mini Slider and one of our Ergonomic Sliders on the right.

Fresh-Lock by Presto is also introducing its new rotary insertion machine at PACK EXPO. The groundbreaking equipment can insert sliders at a high rate of speed while eliminating the need for notching or slitting. This maintains zipper integrity through the slider application process. Converters and manufacturers will appreciate the mini Slider equipment’s small footprint and simple setup.

“This new technology allows users to increase their production efficiency and offer the convenience of the mini Slider to consumers,” says Brad Hansen, president of Presto® Products Company.

Adding a resealable closure to a pouch is an investment, but while the mini Slider is a special solution for premium products, it does not have a premium price. That’s because we use less material to make it, so why charge our customers more?

Here are some of the many ways the mini Slider can be used …

A Smaller Slider for Shredded Cheese Pouches

shredded cheese packaging with slider

The need for a smaller slider solution on shredded cheese packaging came after Walmart reduced the width of its 8-oz. shredded cheese packaging standards to six inches. Other retailers soon followed suit, and it forced brands to abandon sliders.

We engineered the mini Slider as a way to make the convenience and usability of the closure possible once again. Now premium cheese brands that want to show additional value with a slider have a way to differentiate their selections from the competition.

A Smaller Slider for Pet Treats

pet treat small zipper packaging

The mini Slider has many other applications, of which pet treats is one of the most beneficial. Many brands are using small format standup pouches to package treats for dogs and cats. The mini Slider offers a way to keep the product fresher longer.

A Smaller Slider for Loose Leaf Tea

loose leaf tea slider packaging

As more markets move away from corrugated and rigid packaging and towards flexible standup pouches, the need for resealability grows as well. Loose tea, for example, is often packaged in tins, which cost more to ship and don’t provide the same shelf presence as a pouch.

Most importantly, reclosable flexible packaging keeps young tea leaves fresh and helps retain the product’s intended flavor.

In addition to these applications, there’s also potential for the mini Slider to add value on everything from small-format standup pouches for sweets and snacks to flexible packages of premium cigars.

The Future Looks Flexible

Fresh-Lock by Presto is unfolding the future of packaging at 2017 PACK EXPO and helping more markets answer the consumer demand for, and take advantage of, the impressive benefits that resealable flexible packaging delivers.

Meantime, we are continually developing new ideas, which will include a big announcement for a new version of Child-Guard® in the near future.

We’d love to give you a closer look at our solutions. So, stop by Booth #C-1644 and pay us a visit. Experts will be on hand to take your questions and show you our flexible packaging prototypes.

Don’t want to wait for the show? Contact Fresh-Lock by Presto today to find out more.

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