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How Flexible Packaging Meets Growing Gardening Trends


The U.S. has experienced a rise in gardening in recent years. According to the National Gardening Association’s 2019 National Gardening Survey, consumers spent $52 billion on their lawn and gardens in 2018.

For many, gardening is about self-reliance, health, and sustainability. For others, it’s simply a hobby. No matter their experience level or motivation, these green thumbs all need the same tools and resources to make their gardens grow, and they are willing to pay for products that fit their lifestyle.

Here are some emerging trends in the gardening world to help you understand how proper packaging can reach and support those getting their hands dirty.

Consumer Trend: Millennials are Gardening

Gardening participation by millennials is growing at a higher rate than any other age group. In fact, this generation accounted for a quarter of 2018’s gardening spending.

As millennials get older and have families, they are looking for products that are safe for their families and the environment. Lawn and garden products that utilize flexible packaging options with resealable closures fulfill both of these needs.

Millennial Gardening with Child

Millennials want gardening products that are safe for their children and the environment.

Packaging for fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and other agrochemical products that features Child-Guard®, a child-resistant closure, can protect children from accidental exposure to the product. Child-Guard®, which was developed to meet the Poison Prevention Packaging Act standards, is ideal for granules, powders, and solid mixes, giving millennial parents peace of mind when buying and storing these products. The system is user-friendly and adaptable to many film structures to perform under a variety of design standards.

Child Guard packaging Can protect children

Child-Guard® can protect children from accidental exposure to lawn and garden products. Click the image to learn more.

Sustainability-wise, flexible packaging allows gardeners to support efforts to reduce fossil fuel usage, greenhouse gas emissions, and water use, according to the Flexible Packaging Association. Flexible pouches can now be fully recyclable thanks to sustainable closures like those in the Fresh-Lock® team’s 8000 Series. Closures in the 8000 Series were developed to achieve circularity and waste elimination through their compatibility with emerging film and manufacturing technologies. Best of all, no sacrifice had to be made to the overall functionality of the closures.

The rise of millennial gardeners has created another trend that can benefit from resealable flexible packaging.

Consumer Trend: Urban Gardening in Small Spaces

Because of the large number of millennials that rent and live in urban areas, gardening has taken on unique forms to fit these limited spaces. Many consumers are turning to small herb and hanging gardens, while others are growing houseplants to get their gardening fix. According to the National Gardening Association, houseplant sales in the U.S. have increased by 50% over the last three years to $1.7 billion.

gardening in an urban dwelling

Gardening in urban dwellings has seen a rise in participation as many young consumers rent later into their lives. Portable and lightweight flexible packaging is ideal for these gardeners.

Gardeners with limited space and land do not need or want large containers of products that take up space and are difficult to utilize. Smaller, flexible pouch formats offer these gardeners products that are portable, lightweight, and easy to store because of the package’s ability to stand upright. Unlike rigid packaging, flexible packaging actually takes up less space as it’s used because it can be rolled, which helps consumers stay neat and tidy. The convenience of flexible packaging and its closures also helps prevent spills and unnecessary product waste.

Flexible fertilizer package featuring child guard closure

Flexible package for fertilizer featuring the Child-Guard® closure.

Limited space has not stopped these growers from following another unique lifestyle trend that can benefit from flexible packaging.

Consumer Trend: Outdoor Living Areas

Who doesn’t enjoy spending the evening in an outdoor setting? Just as they have embraced gardening, younger consumers are creating outdoor living areas meant to function like interior rooms where they can host company in comfort. The intended use of these outdoor areas means cleanliness and limited upkeep are important.

people enjoying dinner on outdoor living patio with garden

Outdoor living areas with greenery have seen a growth in popularity. Flexible packaging with features like pour spouts and carrying handles can make these spaces easy to maintain.

For those adding plants to these areas, lawn and garden products should be convenient to use. According to The Freedonia Group, people who entertain outdoors often have higher expectations for outdoor spaces and will invest in high-quality decorative landscaping elements. Flexible packaging can offer pour spouts, resealable closures, carrying handles, and film structures that can maintain their integrity in outdoor conditions. This allows consumers to efficiently maintain their spaces and ultimately see the value in your products.

Grow Consumer Loyalty with Resealable Flexible Packaging

Do you want to grow consumer loyalty among today’s gardeners? Adopting flexible packaging with resealable features like Child-Guard® and the 8000 Series closures can make your product safer, convenient, and more sustainable for your holistically-minded consumers. The Fresh-Lock team can partner with you to help make packaging decisions that will resonate with gardeners. Contact our team today to get started.

Applications: Child-Resistant

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