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Fresh-Lock® String Zippers

Fresh-Lock® String Zippers are a low-cost way to add the convenience of a reclosable zipper to poly packaging and is compatible with most equipment. The Fresh-Lock® zipper design recloses easier than competitive post-and-cavity styles.

Fresh-Lock® String Zippers are also available in easy to crush Soft Seal® material for faster cycle rates, lower sealing temperatures, improved side seal appearance and the seal won’t gap or distort. The Soft Seal® material remains flexible at colder temperatures, making it ideal for refrigerated products like cheese or tortillas.

The Fresh-Lock® String Zipper is designed with a package-side indicator post for error-free feeding.

String Zipper Features:

  • Economical zipper option
  • No-flange zipper design
  • Faster bag production and less materials consumption
string fresh-lock recloseable zipper
344 - 2.85mm
344 fresh-lock string reclosable zipper
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