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Sustainable Packaging Takes Center Stage at PACK EXPO 2019 in Vegas


Supply chain sustainability is among the most-discussed business topics of the year. Just look at any of the many supply chain trends reports for evidence of that. One of the areas presenting the largest opportunities to make an impact on sustainability is consumer packaging.

That’s why sustainable packaging will be a recurring theme at PACK EXPO 2019 in Las Vegas where brands, packagers, and suppliers will gather September 23 – 25, to gain insights, generate ideas, network with industry peers, and make new connections.


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From the show floor to special presentations, you can expect conversations around sustainability to emerge nearly everywhere you go. However, this push towards efficient and environmentally-friendly packaging is more than just the latest buzz, it’s the start of a shift towards a more circular economy.

The team behind Fresh-Lock® closures is excited to help lead conversations taking place around sustainability at the show in Vegas this year. We encourage you to visit us at booth C-1444 to connect with us.

Here’s what we have planned for PACK EXPO 2019:

Introducing the Fresh-Lock® 8000 Series

When engineering a sustainable solution, the entire package should be considered, including how the raw material is manufactured and individual components such as closures.

The Fresh-Lock® closures team is excited to launch the 8000 Series at PACK EXPO this year. The 8000 Series is a line of zippers and sliders that can support the sustainability efforts of brands and packaging converters. The series includes fully-recyclable zipper Style 8113, which is now being used on recyclable flexible pouches. Check out our story on the new Bear Naked® Granola pouch and how Fresh-Lock® closures played a crucial role.

Reuse and Recycling in Package Manufacturing

We’ve known for some time that flexible packaging supports a circular economy by removing waste from supply chains. That’s thanks in part to packaging material source reduction as well as reduced emissions due to the lightweight nature of flexible packaging.

The Fresh-Lock®Green Spool Program is another excellent way to introduce more circularity into manufacturing. It allows facilities to return plastic zipper spools to be washed and reused or broken down and recycled, which keeps waste out of landfills.

Ask about credits towards future purchases and free return shipping when you visit booth C-1444 at PACK EXPO and talk with our team.

Understanding the Consumer Perspective

freshville fresh-lock at pack expo

The people who buy products and use packaging are at the center of nearly every decision a brand makes. That’s why we’re bringing back our eye-opening theme from last year and unveiling Freshville in Las Vegas. But, there will be some changes.

Get a preview of what we’ll be showcasing in booth C-1444 when you download our free e-book on consumer packaging trends and solutions. You’ll dive into the thought processes and motivations behind personas like Sustainable Stacy, Retired Rita, and The Millennials – Michael and Jessica. We’ll have new faces in Freshville, too.

fresh-lock ebook about packaging trends

In addition to understanding consumer preferences to inform packaging decisions, the team behind Fresh-Lock® closures is also helping CPGs understand how their branding plays a role in encouraging consumer actions around sustainability.

It’s a startling fact that only 14 percent of global plastic packaging gets recycled. Now that films used for formats such as standup pouches are able to achieve recyclability, it’s up to brands to encourage consumers to take the final step towards sustainability. That challenge is being addressed by the How2Recycle® Program and others like it.

We’ll be giving away a limited supply of reusable shopping bags at booth C-1444 that provide examples of what consumers need to know about reusing and recycling their flexible packaging waste.

Beyond the Buzzword

The PACK EXPO Innovation Stage presentations are an excellent place to hear about inspiring ideas. There are a few different sustainability-focused presentations this year, but we’re looking to cut through the hype and focus on how to talk the talk and walk the walk.

Chuck Ditter, North American Sales Manager for Fresh-Lock Closures, will deliver the talk, “Pushing Sustainability Beyond a Buzzword: Packaging that Drives Consumer Action.”

  • Tuesday, September 24th, at 1 pm
  • Innovation Stage 2 in the central hall.
  • Add this free event to your PACK EXPO show planner now.

If you can’t make the show this year, or want to dive into this topic ahead of the show, view our free on-demand webinar, “Growth in Green: Opportunities for Sustainable Flexible Packaging.”

The Fresh-Lock® closures team hopes to see you in Las Vegas! If you need to talk with someone before then, please contact us today.

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