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PACK EXPO 2021: Flexible Packaging Takeaways


PACK EXPO 2021 had great in-person attendance at this year’s Las Vegas show after the 2020 virtual format. Brands, converters, and other industry-leading companies felt invigorated and inspired to improve their production and business while remaining focused on combating the impact from COVID-19.

This year’s PACK EXPO Las Vegas showcased trending themes and topics, such as sustainability and product protection, and gave exhibitors an inside look on what their customers need for the future in packaging. For the Fresh-Lock® brand, the focus was on reclosability, recyclability, and compostability.

Fresh-Lock team members, Todd Meussling, senior manager, market development and Carla Alvarado, regional sales manager-Southwest, shared their outlook on packager insights, emerging trends, and 2022 predictions after attending the show.

What were some prevalent trends and topics being discussed at PACK EXPO 2021?

Meussling: Have you heard the word ‘sustainability’? If not, then you did not attend PACK EXPO. What made this show different is there was less talk about what sustainability means and more about what actions need to be made to achieve it with specific packaging.

What did you take away from PACK EXPO 2021?

Alvarado: Change is a word that will not stop anyone in this industry, but instead it helps brands and converters move forward. People were informed and ready to find solutions to meet these needs. Overall, I felt a very positive vibe for change.

Any new package and consumer insights shared at PACK EXPO 2021?

Meussling: The reclosable pouch market is not slowing down. Flexible packaging offers the benefit of source reduction, coupled with technologies for end-of-life recovery, create a compelling reason to move from rigid packaging.

What are some flexible packaging predictions to come in 2022?

Alvarado: Companies are working hard for the future and many feel that sustainability is a top priority.

Meussling: Compostables are gaining steam. Also, watch for recyclable slider zipper solutions and get ready for PACK EXPO 2022!

The Fresh-Lock team will be exhibiting at PACK EXPO in Chicago from October 23-26, 2022. In the meantime, contact the team with questions about flexible packaging solutions.

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