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Multiplex: Freshness Never Felt So Easy With Recyclable Zipper for Flexible Packaging


To meet customer demand, food packagers need their packaging to be 100% recyclable, including the zipper. Until now, that’s been easier said than done. As manufacturers know, non-recyclable commercial flexible packaging is thick and durable, and can withstand a high level of heat to seal the seams. Recyclable material, while durable, needs to run at lower temperatures than traditional flexible packaging. This can make it challenging when combining recyclable and non-recyclable parts, such as flexible packaging and closures.


The 100% recyclable solution

The Fresh-Lock® team has eliminated this challenge by creating a closure called Multiplex zipper Style 8555 that is 100% recyclable and can be sealed hermetically at lower temperatures without distortion. It prevents recyclable films from puckering while allowing faster converting cycles. Multiplex is blended for compatibility with a wide range of polyethylene recyclable films, and it works well with a wide range of pouch making equipment.

Featuring five sets of interlocking channels that help seal in freshness, Multiplex is airtight, unlike other “hook and hook” closures, which allow air to pass through. Powdered and granular products won’t leak. Multiplex helps the products inside stay fresh when the package is closed up tight. The closure has tactile and has sensory features so users can actually feel it close, assuring them that the seal is intact. And, when they open it, they can hear a ripping sound, giving a sense of freshness each time they use it.

Pet and people friendly

pet food packaging with zipper

Multiplex is ideal for the pet food industry. Not only will Multiplex help pet food stay fresh-tasting, its air-tight zipper seal will keep insects out and food inside. There’s no need for consumers to transfer product to a different package once opened. Opening packages with Multiplex is like opening a package for the first time, each time. Plus, consumers can feel confident buying a sustainable package. Pets, of course, will also be happy with how fresh their food tastes, even toward the end of the bag.

Fresh-Lock R&D Director, Greg Petkovsek describes the approach to making Multiplex:

“It is essential the package keeps the contents fresh. Our Fresh-Lock® R&D team keeps this top of mind with every closure we create. Our customers have shared that consumers appreciate sensory feedback when using a reclose feature and they sometimes struggle with closing conventional press-to-close zippers. We saw an opportunity to provide a positive sensory experience while making a zipper easier to align and reclose. We designed Multiplex to hold air without leaking to help preserve the content’s freshness. Additionally, we specifically targeted materials of construction for this zipper that would allow it to be recyclable as a component in a polyethylene pouch.”

Contact us to learn more about how this airtight, 100% recyclable product can enhance your packaging. If you need a recyclable enclosure with different specs, be sure to look at other products in our 8000 series for more options.

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