Presto® Products Launches Child-Resistant Closure Website for Brands, Consumers

8/10/2016 Highlights Value-Added Benefits of Child-Guard® Products

APPLETON, Wis. – Presto® Products Company, a leader in the private label and flexible packaging industries, is proud to announce the latest online effort for its child-resistant, flexible packaging closure with the Slide-Rite® website.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 9.23.19 AMThe website is designed to raise awareness for the revolutionary Presto® Child-Guard® closure, also branded as Presto® Slider-Guard™. serves as an educational resource for parents, highlighting household safety and providing helpful advice. Consumers will learn about how to better protect their families and how brands are taking additional steps to keep kids safe. supports consumer packaged goods manufacturers, brand managers, and converters implementing the child-resistant Child-Guard® closure by highlighting and promoting those who are making a concerted effort to improve product packaging safety.

“Child-Guard® and Slider-Guard™ are changing the face of the growing flexible packaging market and expanding potential uses for that type of packaging with an added layer of safety,” said Brad Hansen, President of Presto® Products Specialty Division. “When you have an innovative product that meets industry testing requirements and provides premium, value-added benefits, you want to make sure your potential clients and customers know about it. This new website helps us spread the word.”

The Child-Guard® website shows consumers how to open and secure the closure so adults understand how to operate the child-resistant slider once it’s in the home. also features a consumer-interest blog and news about products on which Child-Guard® is available.

A Child-Resistant Closure Leader

Child-Guard® is a revolutionary and easy-to-use closure that meets Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA). The product has a Federal Drug Administration Drug Master File (DMF) under ASTM D3475 for use in pharmaceutical applications and meets child-resistant standards in testing with age-appropriate children and adults.

“Child-Guard® is a cost-effective and efficient method to enhance existing and future flexible packaging when brands and consumers want a proven level of protection,” Hansen said. “Child-Guard® and Slider-Guard™ do that and have valuable applications in the laundry industry, pharmaceutical, lawn and garden, pool chemical and household cleaner markets.”

Child-Guard® adds an additional level of safety to child-resistant flexible packaging when used correctly. The Child-Guard® slider locks when the packaging is properly closed and requires an “extra step” involving dissimilar motion, which makes it extremely difficult for a young child to open, but simple enough for an adult to open and reclose.

Child-Guard® is currently being used by Proctor & Gamble® and can be found on new Tide® PODS™ flexible packaging.

Visit to find out more about Child-Guard® and watch an animation on how to operate the closure. You can also visit for product specifications, and to learn more when you contact a Presto® Products Company expert.