Presto Helps Mondi Meet Demands for Innovation, Convenience and Speed to Market on Both Sides of the Atlantic

Appleton, WI; September 16, 2014 — Consumer demands can vary widely from one country to another, making it critical for multi-national converters to support their customers’ growth by delivering innovative packaging solutions from partners that understand this challenge as much as they do. For 18 years, this premise has been the foundation of the relationship between Presto Products Company ( and Mondi, a leading international packaging and paper group that operates in 31 countries. Collaborations include the expansion of Mondi’s FlexZiBox portfolio in Europe with a flatbottom, reclosable bag featuring a Slide-Rite® slider to enhance consumer convenience and expert, efficient technical support to help Mondi’s customers in North America speed product to market and gain a competitive edge.

Presto offers reclosable solutions for flexible packaging. Its Slide-Rite® closure – the market leader for reclosable sliders – can be used in applications throughout the food, beverage, pet products and household goods industries, and equipped with the company’s patented tamper evident, self-cleaning and high-retention technologies. Presto also offers press-to-close zipper solutions under its Fresh-Lock® family of closures that that can be used in applications across a range of food, beverage and pet food sectors – and with the added capabilities provided by the company’s patented audible/tactile, easy-seal and double-zip solutions.

The relationship began when Mondi was exploring reclosable pouch options to penetrate the North American market. The company – then known as Nordenia USA – enlisted Pactiv’s zipper group, which was acquired by Presto in 2010, to provide PTC technology for easy, convenient resealability. Prior to that acquisition, the two companies were also working together in Europe, with Pactiv providing Slide- Rite® sliders for larger sized bags beginning in 2000. Four years later, Nordenia looked to Pactiv to equip an extension of its FlexZiBox flat-bottom bag portfolio with Slide-Rite® sliders. Today, Presto services Mondi on both sides of the Atlantic with high-quality resealable innovation, including its Fresh- Lock® line of PTC zippers and, with growing frequency, its sliders.

For Mondi in North America, Presto’s fast, flexible customer support has been a significant asset in enabling the converter to rapidly respond to customer requests, whether to accommodate short production timelines or technical assistance. “We recently completed a multi-year project where Presto provided invaluable insight and assistance from inception to commercialization,” said Mark Gum, Technical Support and New Product Development, Mondi Jackson Consumer Goods Packaging. “Presto’s immersion in the entire process and its ability to respond quickly to our customer needs helps us bring our ideas for packaging innovation to life – and speed their time to market.”

Presto continues to support Mondi’s expansion of its FlexZiBox portfolio of flat-bottom bags in Europe. The version featuring the Slide-Rite® closure delivers greater convenience and the assurance of a secure seal. The brightly colored, customized Slide-Rite® closure is easy to push from one side of the bag to the other for opening as well as resealing. An interior white tamper-evident membrane, designed to enhance product safety is then opened so contents can be easily emptied, leaving minimal mess. In addition to convenience, the flexible, flat-bottom bags provide stability on the shelf and when stored in the home and offer extra branding real estate for boosting the visual appeal of a variety of applications including food, pet food, lawn and garden products and household cleaners.

“The addition of the Slide-Rite® closure further enhances the shelf presentation of the flat-bottom bag and offers the convenience and reliability consumers expect from packaging while keeping product freshness and safety intact,” says Alfons Kruse, plant manager at Mondi Steinfeld. “The project is a powerful example of the innovative solutions that we’ve been able to bring to market with Presto’s innovation, expertise and technical support.”

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About Presto Products Company
Presto Products Company is a market-leading supplier of products ranging from private label food and
disposer bags to packaging closures. Presto, a business of Reynolds Packaging Group, operates six
manufacturing plants and supports customers in North America, Europe and Asia.

About Mondi in North America
Mondi in North America designs, develops and manufactures solutions for its Industrial Bags, Consumer Packaging, Coatings, and Sack Kraft Paper customers. Industrial Bags produces ultra-strong paper bags for high-speed filling, air-permeable bags featuring hermetic and vacuum sealing, sewn open mouth, valve, pinch bottom, block bottom, woven polypropylene and slider bags, as well as two-ply bag constructions made from high performance kraft paper. It serves the sugar, gardening, building and construction, pet food and animal feed industries. Mondi offers the hygiene certification scheme AIB for food and animal feed applications. Consumer Packaging solutions include stand-up pouches, reclosable bags, microwaveable packaging and other products with optimal barrier properties, along with extruded films for labels. Major markets include frozen food and petfood, hygiene and the lawn and garden sector. Coatings encompasses silicone-coated and specialty paper, as well as film release liners for a host of pressure-sensitive adhesive solutions, including hygiene and graphics applications. Primary markets include fiber composite sectors, building and construction, and tapes. Sack Kraft Paper products include multiwall consumer and refuse bags.

Mondi creates packaging and paper solutions that touch millions of lives every day.

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