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Many industries are using reclosable flexible packages to differentiate brands

Reclosable technology is the fastest growing segment in the packaging industry. Across markets, 70% of consumer purchase decisions are made in-store. Packaging is the final opportunity to influence that choice! Reclosability adds minimal cost to a typical package, and consumers are willing to pay for the convenience. Fresh-Lock® and Slide-Rite® products are valued throughout many markets. Whether the need is press-to-close zippers or slider zippers, the uses are virtually endless.

child-resistant icon Child-Resistant Packaging
fresh-lock child resistant packaging solutions

Child-Resistant Packaging

The packaging industry has a responsibility to keep kids safe. Discover an innovative closure system that meets standards for child-resistant packaging, including the ASTM D3475 Standard and the U.S. Poison Prevention Packaging Act. Learn more about our Child-Resistant Packaging standards.

Slide-Rite® Child Guard® Track & Slider.

resealable cheese and dairy packaging Cheese & Dairy
resealable cheese packaging

Cheese & Dairy

Recloseable technology, both press-to-close zippers and tracks & sliders, have been breakthroughs in the cheese and dairy market. Whether block or shredded cheese, consumers appreciate the convenience and freshness.

resealable pouches for garden supplies Lawn & Garden
resealable bag packaging lawn and garden

Lawn & Garden

We’ve got the right products for demanding and dirty jobs. Consumers appreciate lawn and garden’s attractive packaging and reliability, and they respond with their loyalty.

seafood resealable packaging technology Meat and Seafood
press to close tracks and sliders for meat and seafood

Meat and Seafood

Press-to-close zippers and tracks & sliders have helped boost meat and seafood sales. A reliable seal is vital for deli meats and seafood, among other consumer favorites.

snack food packaging solutions Salty Snacks
press to close zippers and sliders for snack food pouches

Salty Snacks

The salty snack market has been changed by the convenience and reliability of press-to-close zippers and tracks & sliders. The freshness provided makes a difference in the minds of consumers.

resealable pouches for pet food Pet Food
reclosable technology for pet food packaging

Pet Food

Man’s best friend has benefitted from the advances of reclosable technology. Equally effective with dry, wet, and semi-moist products, your pet food, chews, and snacks receive the love every loyal pet deserves.

Discover key insights into pet food packaging trends.

snack food packaging innovations Cookies & Crackers
sustainable packaging materials for snacks

Cookies & Crackers

High-profit margin products justify their price points when recloasable technology keeps the product fresh. We know the importance of looks and functionality when it comes to stand-up pouches and other high-profile packaging.

reclosable packaging for frozen foods Frozen Foods
frozen food products resealable packaging

Frozen Foods

Standing up to the demands of freezing temperatures isn’t an easy task. We meet the challenge with tested and reliable technology. Help reduce the potential of freezer burn, and keep consumers satisfied.

slider reclosable bags for dried fruits and nuts Dried Fruits & Nuts
slider reclosable pouches for dried fruits and nuts

Dried Fruits & Nuts

Consumers expect a high-value item (walnuts, pistachios, dried fruit, bird seed) to be packaged in high-quality, reliable zippers. For this market, consumers demand the ultimate in convenience and freshness.

resealable candy packaging solutions Sugar & Confectionery
particle plow slider for sugar product packaging

Sugar & Confectionery

Products with small particulate material pose a unique challenge. We provide freshness for coffee, tea, sugar, sugar substitutes, pancake mix, baby formula, milk powders, and candy.

custom zipper bags for tobacco Tobacco
contaminant resistant fresh-lock zippers for tobacco


Improved packaging technology—press-to-close zippers and tracks & sliders—has increased the enjoyment of tobacco products. We have packaging solutions that are flexible enough for nearly any application.

resealable flexible packaging markets Other Markets
fresh-lock child resistant packaging solutions

Other Markets

Fresh-Lock® zippers and Slide-Rite® tracks & sliders have packaging solutions that are flexible enough for nearly any application, including potting soil, household chemicals, cough drops, and fishing baits.

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