slide-rite tamper evident track products
slide-rite tamper evident track products

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frozen blueberries in flexible packaging

Helping Reduce Waste with Frozen Food Packaging


According to the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC), approximately $165 billion worth of food gets tossed each year due to passing expiration dates and loss of freshness. By 2030, Boston Consulting Group estimates that annual food loss and waste will... Read More...

sustainability in packaging

Packaging for the Sustainably Minded Consumer


Of the various packaging predictions and trends identified for 2019, sustainable packaging is a major topic of conversation. More than ever, shoppers are seeking out brands that showcase recyclability, offer reusable packages, and provide product packaging that is both functional... Read More...

food waste in trash can

How to Fight Food Waste with Flexible Packaging


The facts are astonishing: the annual amount of food waste in the U.S. equates to 36 million tons, which is worth $162 billion. On average, the typical American family throws away 40 percent of fresh meat, 51 percent of dairy... Read More...