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Our innovations are game-changers for any brand.

Consumers demand more from today’s packaging than ever. Reclosable technology delivers with value-added convenience and product freshness, and it’s flexible enough to be applied to most applications. Reclosability adds only minimal cost to a typical package, yet greatly increases its perceived value. So no matter what the value of your product, consumers are willing to pay for the convenience.

When should you consider reclosable packaging?
Your packages contain multiple servings or components.
Your product requires storage protection after opening.
Your brand would benefit from market differentiation or rejuvenation.
How can you implement reclosable technology?

New, In-House Equipment

Our technicians partner with leading packaging machinery companies so your new equipment can add reclosable packaging technology while hitting the speeds you need.

Retrofit Existing Equipment

Add reclosable technology to your packaging process for a customized solution, either in-line or as a retrofit attachment to your existing packaging machinery.

Outsource To A Converter

If you’re having a converter with reclosable technology package your product, we’ll guide you to a successful and cost-effective process.

Differentiate your packaging and drive consumer loyalty.

Reclosable packaging can revolutionize your point-of-sale marketing. Whether you’re positioning a new product, stimulating sales of an existing product, reinventing a mature brand, or simply increasing shelf presence, give your product the advantage of Fresh-Lock and Slide-Rite innovative thinking.

  • Create stronger shelf impact
  • Influence the buying decision
  • Create added consumer convenience
  • Protect product
  • Offer longer brand exposure
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Deliver bottom-line marketing power
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